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  • 10 Lovely Baby Names That Mean 'Beautiful'

    Name hunting for your baby? These come from literature, mythology, and all over the world!
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
10 Lovely Baby Names That Mean 'Beautiful'
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  • On the Smart Parenting Facebook page, we recently turned to you for help on behalf of an expectant mom who was asking for name suggestions for her baby girl (she wanted names beginning with “K” and “B”). We're sure she found something she liked because there were more than 2,000 name suggestions on the post! We got inspired by the comments, so here's a list of baby names for girls (and a few for boys) that mean “beautiful.”

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    1. Bella
    It means beautiful in Latin and Italian. ‘Belle’ is used to describe a beautiful girl or woman in French and English. Yup, just like Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Other names ending in “–bella” also suggest the same such as Isabella, Arabella and Anabella. The name became very popular in 2009, thanks to Twilight’s Bella Swan. 

    2. Jamila
    Jamila is a popular name for babies in Arabic speaking countries, and it remind us of a majestic desert. As written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince, “What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.” 

    3. Adonis
    Adonis is a figure in Greek mythology. He was said to be a young man of such remarkable beauty that he was fought over by the goddess of beauty Aphrodite and queen of the underworld Persephone. 

    4. Astrid
    Astrid means “beautiful goddess” in Danish, Scandinavian and Swedish. You might know it from the animated movie How to Train Your Dragon. Astrid, a fearless young Viking, was the main character Hiccup’s friend and love interest later on. Aptly, Astrid, which is Nordic in its origin, was popular in the Viking age. 

    5. Calista
    Nothing beats this name because, in Greek, Calista means “most beautiful.” American actress Calista Flockhart is the most popular celebrity that comes to mind. 


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    6. Kenneth
    In Celtic, Scottish, and English societies, the name Kenneth means “handsome.” It's a common name in the Philippines, and a good choice for moms with gwapo sons!

    7. Venus
    In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of beauty among many other things. But, we don't have to look to the heavens to find a Venus. There's Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up Venus Raj, who is an example of both beauty and brains. She earned her master's degree in community development from the Univerisity of the Philippines-Diliman this year. 

    8. Diana
    A classic girl's name, Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon, forests, and hunting. Being an important deity in the mythology, her name means “heavenly” or “divine.” Princess Diana, the mother of Prince Willian and Prince Harry comes to mind for this name, of theBritish royalty. 

    9. Elvira
    Elvira has a Spanish origin that means “truth, white, or beautiful.” It has international variations such as Elvyne, Elva and sometimes even Ella. It's a unique name that also reminds us of beautiful woodland elves. 

    10. Helen
    Bookworm moms, you’ll like this one. “The face that launched a thousand ships,” is how literature describes Helen of Troy from Homer's The Iliad. It is said the Greek army sailed through the sea to Troy to win her back from her lover, which then started the great Trojan War. 

    Happy name hunting!

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