• Milestone markers: 5-6 months

    Expect your tot to manifest leaps and bounds when it comes to this month of development!
    • Alert during at least half of waking hours
    • Can move by kicking against flat surface when lying on back
    • Tries to move by propelling self on stomach with legs, steering with arms
    • Turns and twists in all directions
    • Sits with little support; may slump forward on hands for balance
    • Reaches with one arm
    • May bend self almost into sitting position when rolling from back to side
    • Turns head freely
    • May manipulate objects
    • Begins to pass object from hand to hand
    • Looks around in new situations
    • Leans over to look for fallen object
    • Can recognize an object from seeing only a part of it
    • Can utter several additional consonant sounds
    • Shows different emotions, even a temper
    • May have abrupt mood changes
    • Likes to play with food
    • Enjoys looking at objects upside down

    • Will resist having toy taken away
    • Interest in breastfeeding lags
    • Vocalizes pleasure and displeasure 
    • Smiles at self in mirror
    • May prefer a particular toy
    • May coo and hum when she hears music
    • Giggles and laughs
    • Turns when own name is heard
    • May cry when parent leaves room

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