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  • Moms Share 'Oops' Moments the First Time They Gave Their Newborn a Bath

    Their mom instincts definitely kicked in!
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Moms Share 'Oops' Moments the First Time They Gave Their Newborn a Bath
  • As a first-time mom, you've probably experienced parenting jitters when it comes to taking care of your baby. What if you do something wrong? What if the baby gets sick? But, as that popular saying goes, you'll never know unless you try.

    The following moms did their best to ignore their fears when it came to giving their newborns a bath. And while it was not easy — panic mode to the max! — it definitely gave them a story to tell.

    'Mermaid' in the making

    Photo Courtesy of Mica Israel.

    Mica Israel said she had to wait a while until she became confident enough to bathe her daughter, Mavis. “Si mother-in-law ang unang nagpaligo," she shares. "May video naman ako, kaso panay ang iyak [ni Mavis]! Mga second week niya nung una ko siya pinaliguan. Panic mode, haha, lakas niya umiyak, eh."

    To soothe Mavis's crying, Mica tried to talk to her: "Sabi ko ganito, ‘Opo, tapos na po, fresh na yang baby!’” It did not stop her baby from crying, Mica confesses, but it did help calm Mavis down.

    The new mom did discover another trick. “Iyak pa din, pero ‘pag nilublob na sa water, tumatahimik na siya. Gusto niya pala sa tubig — sirena, eh!”

    Tag team for the win!

    Photo Courtesy of Angela Kaiser.

    As for Bangkok-based Angela Kaiser, she had to get her bearings when asked about her and husband Kirk’s first time giving son, Isaac, a bath. She says it always brings a surge of emotions in her — something most moms can relate to.

    The couple was living in Malaysia when Angela gave birth. She recalls, “We gave Isaac his first bath two weeks after he was born. The nurses and midwives at the hospital showed us how to do it twice before we were discharged."

    “As first-time parents, parang kulang ang twice, so we took a video and watched it over and over again before we did it ourselves! Para sure!” she says, laughing.

    Living in another country, without any experienced relatives to ask for advice, the first-time parents only had each other to turn to. “We gave him a bath at around noon so that sure na he won’t feel cold. We had a tub and a newborn insert, laid out all the supplies so that they were within reach," Angela says.

    "It was scary! We were forced to communicate with each other, repeatedly asking each other, ‘You got him?’ Mga three times and with intense eye contact! Kasi [Isaac] was so tiny and fragile then and we didn’t want to take any chances!" says the new mom.

    “I think I stopped breathing for a while and relaxed only when he was on the bed and all dried up. We survived!” Angela points out.

    Over time, giving Isaac a bath became a bonding moment for Angela and her husband.

    “Giving him a bath became a family activity for us. Tag team palagi whenever schedule permits. It helps develop our communication as a couple and keeps our baby clean and healthy!“

    From panic mode to laughing mode

    Photo Courtesy of Vina Rosario.

    Overseas Filipino worker Vina Rosario takes on baby duties all on her own in Saudi Arabia, as her husband, Joel, is still in the Philippines waiting for his new work visa. As a nurse, she is used to caring for other people, but it’s different when it comes to her son, Javy.

    She shares: “Super love ni Javy maligo, so every time na bathtime, tuwang-tuwa siya, pasag nang pasag ‘yan sa tubig.”

    But during her son’s first bath, Vina was overcome with panic. “Busy ako sa ulo at buhok niya, suddenly biglang umiyak ... as in shrill cry talaga! So ako, panic … na-damage ko ba bumbunan? Nalagyan ba ng sabon yung mata? Nasaktan ko ba? Nilalamig na ba?"

    She then found out what was wrong — and hilarity ensued. Her son was squeezing his private parts to the point that they were turning red!

    “Kaloka lang!” Vina exclaims.

    These kinds of moments are what make bathing your baby a one-of-kind experience. And as moms, what you can do — aside from trusting your instincts — is to be as prepared as possible for your baby's bath. First things first: you have to choose products that can help keep your baby's skin soft, smooth, and moisturized.

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    Bathing moments with your baby can really be fun, funny, or both. You just need to pay attention to your baby and try to keep your panic at bay to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

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