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Motherhood Is Life But Dessert Is ‘Life-r’: Iya Villania Spills Dessert On Sleeping Baby
  • Every multi-masking mother can surely relate to Iya Villania’s hilarious Instagram post in which she shared that she spilled some of her dessert on their fourth child, Astro Phoenix.

    “The mama that thinks she can handle everything” was her caption to a series of photos showing herself holding a sleeping Astro Phoenix with what appears to be cream dribbling off his left eye. The cream is from Iya’s mango panna cotta which she gave a shoutout to in her caption. 

    “Sorry bubba… mama gets really eager when it’s dessert time. I was so sure that spoonful would make it to my mouth,” she also said.

    Co-host of Mars Pa More Camille Prats replied to her friend’s post saying “Motherhood is life but dessert is life-r”. True that, Camille!

    What moms really do when baby sleeps

    For many moms of newborns, nap time is when she tries to squeeze in her other tasks and responsibilities. And for moms of multiple children who have grown confident of handling a newborn, it is the window of opportunity to check off what’s on her to do list. 


    While most tell moms to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” we know that this isn’t always the case. Below are five things moms really do when baby sleeps:

    1. Eat.

    Just like Iya has proven, moms of newborns often use the time of babies napping to load up on sustenance. Especially if mom is breastfeeding, which means she is likely to be always hungry as she is supporting two bodies. Sometimes, she won’t even wait for baby to be asleep to sneak in a bite or two–she will always be willing to grab a bite of anything while baby is busy nursing.

    2. Pay bills online or catch up on social media.

    Finally, some time to think clearly! A sleeping, content baby means mommy can get on with the rest of her to do list that probably includes paying the bills and making a grocery list. All those “mental notes” can finally turn into actual notes or can be checked off the list.

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    If baby needs to sleep on mama, this might be the opportune moment to open social media apps and see what’s going on in Facebook groups, TikTok, or Instagram–all of which Smart Parenting is on! (See what we did there?)

    3. House chores.

    If baby magically sleeps on her own and doesn’t need to be held–cue the angel chorus–mom is now free to work on household management tasks. If she wants to, she can cook, clean, or get laundry done. She can also attend to the additional tasks a new baby brings: cleaning baby’s things or fixing her closet.

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    4. Spend time with older siblings.

    For moms of multiples, a newborn’s nap time is the perfect time to connect with older siblings who are not used to “sharing” mom with another child. You can play with your older children, watch a show together, or read aloud for some quality bonding time. When baby wakes up, involve them in baby care to help everyone with the new family dynamics.

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    5. This one we highly recommend: Rest.

    We know everyone is telling you the same thing: sleep when the baby sleeps. But every mom asks, how? Your mind may be racing about all the things that are left undone while you care for your baby. Remember that holding your child and soothing her is productive in itself. If you can’t sleep, you can still rest. 

    If you’re confident enough to bring baby out with you, you can also squeeze in some self-care just like Iya did! She got a haircut and refreshed her color while Astro Phoenix was in dreamland.


    Iya shared her recent salon trip with baby Astro Phoenix on Instagram Stories.



    What other parents are reading

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