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  • My 9-month-old son grabs things and puts these in his mouth. He can’t seem sit still. Is there a way to discipline him?

    We share with you what's best for your tot at this age.
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    At this age, your baby is unable to know the difference between right and wrong. For most babies, understanding the relation between behavior and consequence do not come until the 18th month. For now, it is your primary responsibility to provide a safe home environment (keep breakable objects out of reach, clear away small items, etc.) and for your kid to avoid accidents.
    • Rachel Arguelles, head teacher at the Greenhills Learning Center in San Juan
    • Abelardo Apollo I. David, Jr., occupational therapist and executive director of the Independent Living and Learning Center
    • Ropheme Meniola, M.A. in counseling and minor in family and child psychology, Ateneo de Manila
    • Romela Rubio, psychologist
    • SMART PARENTING ( July, August, September, and October 2003; June , July, August, October, November 2004;April 2005)
    Photography by David Hanson Ong
    When did you start disciplining your baby? We'd love to know. Fill up the comment form below.
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