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  • My toddler wakes up really late in the morning, not napping until 4 or 5pm. By the time she wakes up (around 7 or 8pm), she's a bundle of energy, and my husband and I have to entertain her instead of winding down or spending quality time together.

    • Wake her up earlier in the morning. Do it gradually—fifteen minutes ahead of schedule the first morning, then twenty minutes the next, until she gets up at what you can consider to be a reasonable time.
    • Get her to take her afternoon nap earlier. Schedule lunch fifteen to thirty minutes ahead of her usual time, then do some calming activities, like read her a story or play soft music. Wake her up if she has been napping for more than two hours; any longer and she will have difficulty going to sleep at night. In a few weeks, both naptime and bedtime should be consistently earlier.
    • Don’t let her nap at all. Some days, a few toddlers can actually go through the entire day without some shut-eye. In this case, expect her to fall asleep by 7 or 7:30pm, leaving you the rest of the evening to bond with the hubby.

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