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  • Experts Debunk These 5 Common Myths About Baby's Skin

    Be informed so you can take better care of your baby's skin, mom!
Experts Debunk These 5 Common Myths About Baby's Skin
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  • With all the well-meaning pieces of advice about babies ranging from practical to superstitious beliefs coming from people you know—especially from concerned lolas and titas—it’s easy for any mom to get confused over the ones to heed and dismiss.

    This is particularly true when it comes to caring for a baby’s delicate skin. To help you out, we’re taking away the guesswork by debunking five of the most common myths when it comes to baby skincare:

    Myth #1: Baby skin has a lot of moisture.

    Baby skin is soft, smooth, and supple, so it’s easy to assume that it’s already perfect as it is. But a pediatric dermatologist says baby skin is thinner than mature skin. It loses water five times faster than adult skin, making babies more prone to dryness, irritation, and even skin conditions like contact dermatitis.

    Myth #2: Baby skin doesn’t need to be moisturized at all.

    Babies do need moisturizers but only on an as-needed basis. If you see your baby’s skin getting dry and rough, talk to your pediatrician about it. One doctor advises finding out the cause then addressing the problem with the help of a gentle baby moisturizer.

    “Put it all over the body: the face, on the arms and the legs. Pay close attention to the areas that don’t get aired out so much like the neck and behind the knees,” the doctor said.

    Myth #3: Milk baths are suitable for babies.

    Milk can be a softening and soothing agent, and it is why it has long been used for bathing and skincare (ask Queen Cleopatra!). For kids, however, you may want to ask your doctor.

    A milk bath is not required in your baby’s daily skincare regimen. You can also opt for baby products infused with milk instead to reap a similar soothing effect.

    Myth #4: Baby powder prevents diaper rash.

    Moms have long practiced powdering their babies’ bottoms during a diaper change as it’s believed to keep the skin dry and rash-free. But some doctors advise avoiding baby powder during the first year of a baby’s life.

    Safer alternatives to treat and prevent diaper rash include ointments, diaper creams, and petroleum jelly. Just make sure your baby’s bottom is completely dry before application.

    Myth #5: Water is enough to cleanse baby skin.

    Unless you live in an area where soft water is available — a study found that in Manila, for example, water has fluctuating values of “soft” to “very hard” — most doctors recommend using a mild cleanser during your baby’s bath.

    The right skin cleanser can emulsify the dirt and oil, so it is easier to wash off from the skin surface. It must be able to seal in moisture and prevent dryness without causing irritation.

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