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New Mom Shamcey Supsup Shares Her Must-Haves for the First Six Months
PHOTO BY Baby Company PH/Instagram
  • It's been a while since we've heard from Shamcey Supsup, Miss Universe 2011 third runner up. The reason: she's been busy being a mom to 6-month-old daughter Nyke, her first child with husband Lloyd Lee

    Smartparenting.com.ph caught up with the beauty queen at the opening of the new Baby Company store in SM Megamall and asked her how she was finding motherhood so far. She immediately quipped, "Kaya naman pala."

    She continues to elaborate, "Kasi the first few months, talagang overwhelming. You feel you're not doing enough. When you see other moms, parang 'Paano niya nagagawa yun?' or 'Paano sila nakakalabas?' For a month, I couldn’t do anything else but be a mommy." 

    Shamcey thought she wouldn't have a life after having a baby, but she soon discovered it did not have to be the case. She just needed time to find her own balance. 

    "So now that I'm a mom, I make sure na I don't waste time on things that's not important," Shancey shares. "It's one of the changes that happens when you become a mom--your priority changes as well." 

    Here, Shamcey shares the essentials she relied on during her six months of motherhood.

    1. Nipple cream
    Shamcey is a proud breastfeeding mom, and this was the first item she said became indispensable. Nipple cream helps ease cracked, bleeding, and sore nipples, which are challenges that naturally comes with breastfeeding. She uses the brand Pigeon (Shamcey is also the baby care brand's new breastfeeding ambassador).


    2. Breast pump and breast milk containers
    "When I'm out, I always pump everywhere. I pump sa traffic, in the makeup chair, sa restaurant," Shamcey says, who isn't shy to pump or breastfeed in public. She brings these everywhere. 

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    3. Baby carrier

    "During the first few months, I use the carrier Ergo Baby. Sobrang helpful siya kasi sometimes sobrang heavy ni Baby, so sometimes nakakangawit sa arms. And you also can't do anything else, kasi nga you're carrying the baby. At least when using the carrier, you can have both hands free," she explains.

    4. Baby food maker
    "The first food I gave her is a no-cook avocado, and she loved it. Super! And pumpkin, favorite rin niya yun," she shared. She has also given Nyke a taste of ripe banana and sweet potato. At the event, Shamcey was shopping for an all-in-one baby food maker now that Nyke has started eating solid food.

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    5. Stroller
    Nyke will be half-a-year-old on August 24, and Shamcey and Lloyd can finally bring her to places on her Quinny stroller. The new mom says her pediatrician advised her not to bring her daughter to public places yet until the little one completes her six-month vaccines. "Hopefully mas stronger na yung kanyang immune system so we can bring her everywhere," Shamcey added. Shamcey also counts herself lucky because when it comes to clothes, Nyke's ninang and grandparants have that covered. 

    As a breastfeeding advocate, Shamcey says she plans to breastfeed as long as she's producing milk. She's hopeful that she can keep it up longer. Shamcey, however, notices a dip in her milk supply whenever misses a pumping or nursing session, which she has scheduled every three hours.

    "When that happens, I just follow my schedule for pumping, para bumalik [yung supply]," she says. Shamcey also takes malunggay capsules to help with the milk flow. "But I think it's more of really the frequency of latching and the pumping, yun talaga e. I have to really stick to my schedule as much as possible," she says with conviction.

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