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  • 'How Can I Prevent Diaper Rash?' And Other Questions About Newborns, Answered!

    Being a first-time mom may be feel overwhelming, but help and support is always available for you!
'How Can I Prevent Diaper Rash?' And Other Questions About Newborns, Answered!
  • Given their fragile and often fussy nature, newborn babies require special, round-the-clock attention. And this can be overwhelming, especially for first-time moms. There are many things to remember and a lot of choices to make!

    But while being a first-time mom may seem like a lot of work, help and support is always available to make this a less worrying experience.

    To help you get started, we’re answering some of the most common questions and concerns you may have, from how to deal with nighttime crying to preventing diaper rash, and more. As always, don’t forget to consult your baby’s pediatrician for proper medical advice!

    Why does my baby keep waking up at night?

    There are several reasons babies wake up at night, often accompanied by crying. Most of the time, they’re just feeling a form of discomfort: hunger, feeling too hot or too cold, and a soiled nappy, just to name some.

    So, why do babies cry? How to stop a baby from crying? Try to identify the culprit and address it accordingly. Feed babies if they’re hungry, adjust the air-conditioner if it’s too hot or cold inside the room, or wipe down their bums before changing their nappies.

    What do I do when my baby won’t stop crying?

    Crying is how your baby gets your attention. It is their way of asking for food or letting you know they feel uncomfortable. But if the crying is nonstop or too persistent, talk to your pediatrician to find out if your baby has colic. Colic is when newborns “[cry] for three or more hours a day, three or more days a week, for three or more weeks.”

    How to calm a crying baby? Soothe your baby with gentle rocking and bouncing movements or by introducing them to relaxing sounds. You can also try giving him his bottle and see if it calms him down.

    How often should I feed my baby?

    The American Academy of Pediatrics says that most newborns eat eight to 12 times a day. The general rule is to feed them whenever they seem hungry. Hunger cues include crying, sticking their tongue out, and fussiness.

    How can I bond with my baby?

    Spending time with your little one is essential in building a unique emotional bond. To establish this connection, do activities like breastfeeding, cuddling, talking, reading, singing, and smiling at your baby.

    How can I prevent diaper rash?

    Diaper rash is caused by three things: wetness, heat, and skin irritants. These occur when your baby is wearing an ill-fitting diaper that doesn’t absorb pee well.

    To prevent diaper rash, make sure your baby is wearing a diaper designed to provide comfort and protection to their delicate skin. Here are other things to keep in mind:

    • Find the right size of diaper for your baby, and don’t over tighten it to avoid chafing.
    • Rinse your baby’s bottom with warm water whenever you change their diaper.
    • Allow the skin to dry completely before putting on the diaper.
    • Change diapers after every poop or whenever your baby feels uncomfortable.

    How often should diapers be changed? The rule of thumb for newborns is every two to three hours. But, it will depend on the diaper your baby is using. Make sure to choose one that gives long-lasting protection against causes of diaper rash, locks away wetness quickly, and has all-around leakage protection. It’s even better if it has a wetness indicator!

    Try Pampers Baby Dry Taped For Newborn and Small, which offers all these features for your baby’s long-lasting protection from diaper rash, or Pampers Baby Dry Pants, now offered in size Small and makes changing easy for active babies. Pampers Baby Dry Pants Small also has a runny poo trap and is endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.

    Pampers Baby Dry For Newborn offers the “Triple Pwet-tection Benefits” to help protect babies from the three causes of rashes and make them feel comfortable all day and night.

    Pampers Baby Dry For Newborn has a Magic Gel core that absorbs pee, so the baby’s skin isn’t exposed to wetness for too long. It also has a Heat Escape feature that prevents hot air from getting trapped between baby’s skin and the diaper’s surface by allowing continuous airflow and circulation through micro-pores. It even has a layer of baby lotion that acts as a barrier to protect baby’s skin from irritants and friction, so it remains soft and supple.

    A good diaper plays a vital role in keeping our little ones protected and comfortable. So when in doubt, count on a nakasanayan or kinalakihan brand that’s also sulit.

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