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  • Patty Laurel and Nicole Hernandez: Our New-Mom First-Year Essentials

    An extra perk of having mom friends? You have someone with you when you shop for baby!
    by Rachel Perez .
Patty Laurel and Nicole Hernandez: Our New-Mom First-Year Essentials
PHOTO BY Rachel Perez
  • Moms got their own mom squads, too, right? A mom (or dad!) needs all the help she can get when it comes to the most challenging job in the world. You know where else BFFs are handy? To accompany you shopping, of course, and that was exactly what Patty Laurel and Nicole Hernandez were up to when Smartparenting.com.ph bumped into them. 

    Nicole is a mom to two boys, Alonzo and Luis. She hopes to have another baby, hopefully a girl, with husband Jaime de los Angeles. Patty and hisband Patrick Filart also have a boy, Theo, who just celebrated his first birthday! 

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    What other parents are reading

    Patty and Nicole's kids are now in the toddler and preschool stage so we wanted to know what first-year baby essentials they found most useful. The two moms, who were shopping for educational toys, agreed they appreciated the little things the best.

    Here are their baby picks! 

    1. Breast pump
    Nicole breastfed her two boys. She loves the Medela pump because of its easy plug-and-play feature. She cops to laziness and would often pump breast milk in a bottle and then feed it to her babies.

    2. Bottle cleanser
    Since Nicole pumps a lot, she believes it’s only wise to invest in a baby-friendly cleanser for cleaning feeding bottles, breast milk containers, and other feeding paraphernalia.

    3. Bottle and nipple brushes
    These are Nicole's example of little-things-count. She says when you pump a lot you you need to constanly clean bottles and nipples, and these tools do the job well. 

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    4. Soft and comfy baby clothes
    Patty preferred St. Patrick, a local brand that uses organic cotton to make super soft baby clothing. "I remember I liked all white pieces, and they were [Theo's] uniform for the first few months," Patty shared.

    Nicole, on the other hand, liked side-tie baby clothes from OBI Baby that come in various colors. "I bought a lot of those for my second," she said.

    5. Diapers
    Look for one that lets you change nappies fewer times over night. It's also important that the diaper you choose doesn't cause rashes for your baby. Patty shares she uses Huggies.

    6. Toddler plates
    Nicole loves the Munchkin toddler plates that have a built-in suction. "I like the ones that sticks on the table because my boys [at that age] threw their bowls," she said.

    7. Soft books
    Patty says her son loves to chew on Lamaze soft books. "Until now that he's 1 year old, he doesn’t understand yet that books aren't meant to be eaten," she explained.

    8. Safety First
    Patty is a fan of this brand's products. "That was very practical for me. Everything is there. For me now, when I attend baby shower, it's like a good gift," Patty says.

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