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  • Raising A Newborn? The 4 Healthy Pillars You Must Remember

    A guide for new moms out there.
Raising A Newborn? The 4 Healthy Pillars You Must Remember
  • Every mom wants to be successful in her role as a mother. Her baby is her ultimate project and achievement. A helpful way to raise your baby is to take note of the four pillars: healthy food, healthy play, healthy sleep, and healthy skin. All four of these pillars are integral to a baby’s development and are interrelated with each other.

    Healthy Food

    Providing babies with the healthy start they deserve begins with the food they eat, which means moms must be careful with the food they serve their babies. At the very beginning of their lives, this means breastfeeding (if possible). “Exclusive breastfeeding is best for babies until six months of age and up to two years,” says pediatrician Dr. Kate Blay-Nair. “And beyond, this should be followed by complementary feeding, usually at six months when you start to give them a variety of different foods,” she continues.

    To avoid raising picky eaters, Dr. Blay-Nair advises that offering your babies a variety of foods is the way to go. “You must keep offering them foods at least ten to fifteen times because eventually, they will acquire the taste for it. Do not give up. Let them touch it and familiarize themselves with it, and eventually, they will eat it.”

    Healthy Play

    Healthy play creates a safe and healthy play environment and is crucial for a baby’s development. This kind of play helps them develop motor skills and protects them from factors that cause sickness.

    Now that pandemic restrictions are lessening, Dr. Blay-Nair wants to encourage moms to let their children play outside and socialize. “It’s essential for kids to go outside, enjoy the scenery, and see the sky, clouds, and plants,” she says. “It allows them to develop their senses, like touch and smell.”

    But she cautions that parents be reasonable. “We must be proactive and teach them proper handwashing and use alcohol.” Vaccinations, of course, must be a priority. “Make sure immunizations are up to date, so they are also protected.”

    Healthy Sleep

    Having healthy sleep habits makes for a happy baby. “It’s good to start your baby on a schedule because they will carry this on later in life,” says Dr. Blay-Nair. Understandably, this can be a struggle. Dr. Blay-Nair encourages sleep training: “In the morning, open your curtains, so they know it’s daytime. In the evening, shut the lights. This helps them develop a circadian rhythm.”

    Healthy Skin

    Skin and overall health are inextricably linked. How does all of this relate to healthy skin? “All the pillars are interconnected. One can affect the other, and all of them contribute to the overall health of our kids,” says board-certified dermatologist and internationally certified dermatopathologist Dr. Mara Huber.

    Starting with food. “Food is instinctive. You need food to live and your skin, the biggest organ, needs nutrients to function. Nutrients will help your skin recover from infections and other trauma,” says Dr. Huber. She cautions that the skin is like a window. “The skin is the window to your inside. It will show if you overeat of a bad thing or too little of a good thing.”

    For play, Dr. Huber says it will be inevitable for your child to accumulate dirt and get scrapes. “You just have to understand that your kids will be kids. Allow them to play. It will allow them to learn boundaries,” she says. At the same time, be prepared. “The skin has to be strong enough to resist potential infections.”

    When it comes to sleep, Dr. Huber says babies with healthier sleeping habits are better equipped to have a happy childhood. “When kids sleep, their mind and body recover. You want them to sleep and recharge. Kids who sleep better behave better; they learn better.” Additionally, eczema is a much-feared medical condition by parents. Dr. Huber says that in her practice, the kids who don’t sleep well are the ones who are most likely to develop eczema.

    Dr. Huber says that baby skin care is not rocket science. “You need to understand that the skin is the largest organ in the body. It stops bad things from going into the skin and stops the good from going outside. You want the skin to retain water, but the viruses, allergens, and bacteria stay outside.” To do this, the priority is protecting the skin barrier by using the right gentle skincare products to stop the potential onset of any negative skin condition. “Prevention is better than cure,” says Dr. Huber.

    A good cheat sheet says Dr. Huber is “to look for a gentle, hypoallergenic cleanser that doesn’t remove too much moisture and oils. Use a baby moisturizer to replace the water loss during the cleansing process.”

    Cetaphil Baby event host, Bea Fabregas with Cetaphil Baby ambassadors Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico and Sam Pinto-Semerad, Cetaphil Baby & Pro Country Brand Manager Barby Razon, Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mara Evangelista-Huber, and pediatrician Dr. Kate Blay-Nair

    Always a Student

    “The coolest part of being a parent is that you’re a constant student and you are learning all the time,” says Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico, whose daughter, Tili, is turning 3 in January. Solenn describes life with Tili as one that is full of happiness, stress, and excitement. “She is very active with a mind of her own and wants to do what she wants. She is very smart, and she likes to contradict. She always has a point,” she shared, adding that now that Tili has started going to school, she finally has her me-time.

    Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico

    As for how Solenn applies the four healthy pillars in her life, she is very strict with it, especially during the first 1000 days. It is crucial for her that Tili is not a picky eater. “Whatever we eat, she eats. I don’t prepare a meal for her and a meal for us,” she says, although, of course, there are days when Tili is allowed to have yogurt or ice cream.

    Playtime is prioritized. Solenn had promised herself that she wouldn’t let her have screen time until the age of seven, but she gave in the first time they traveled as a family, and now when they eat out. “I let her watch Spanish and French content. She can watch for 10 minutes, and I make sure to interact with her as she is watching.”

    Meanwhile, for first-time mom Sam Pinto Semerad, the journey was not a walk in the park. “I wanted to do everything by myself as much as possible. I had no yaya. But eventually, I gave in. What I can say is, you do you, mama. Some things might work for others but not for you and your baby. Do what is fit for you.”

    Sam Pinto-Semerad

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