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  • Secure Attachment: Why Your Baby Needs Your Touch For His Development

    Here's how the feeling of safety, which your touch gives your child, can help him reach developmental milestones.
  • Did you know that your newborn baby's first developmental need is to feel safe and secure? And he does this using his senses. Doctors, nurses and midwives often encourage you to have skin-to-skin contact with your child immediately after birth for your baby to build an instant bond with you. This is because one of the simplest ways that you can give baby the feeling of safety and security is through the power of your touch.

    The simple gesture of touching allows you and your baby to develop what is called secure attachment bond. This happens as a result of a mother's consistent response to her baby's needs, and the warmth of your touch is a great way for you to respond to and communicate with your baby. This bond ensures that baby feels safe, secure, and calm so he can maximize his development. Cuddles and massages are just some ways you can help your baby's brain development. These actions trigger the brain to produce chemicals and hormones that promote your baby's emotional and physical growth.

    Learn how secure attachment and your touch help in your baby's development in every day moments.

    It soothes baby and reduces crying

    Does your child spend half the day crying? Touching and caressing your little one can help him feel safe so he can calm down. When he knows you are there for him, he can sleep more soundly at night and be less fuzzy during the day.

    It improves immunity

    Early and continued skin-to-skin contact can boost your child's immune system, because your baby becomes colonized with the bacteria on your own skin. If you are still breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact can cause your body to produce milk that contains all the essential antibodies that your little one needs.

    It increases weight gain

    A baby who is touched regularly shows significant signs of gaining weight more quickly than babies who are not often cuddled. This is because babies who have developed secure attachment are more likely to nurse sooner and longer.

    It helps regulate breathing

    Skin-to-skin contact can help with a baby's respiration, too. It warms your baby, reduces stress hormones, and regulates your little one's blood pressure. Did you know that your body temperature can change based on your baby? The temperature of your chest can increase to warm a cold baby, and decrease to cool a hot baby.

    It supports brain development

    Your baby's brain is not yet fully developed when he is born. Newborns that receive an extra dose of touch display enhanced neurological development. Early positive experiences can help your child's brain make important connections that can affect how his brain grows.

    There are so many ways to boost your baby's development through touch every day. Simple daily rituals like bath time can be extra special by putting in a few seconds more of playing with bubbles, lathering baby wash on his skin, or massaging baby.

    So make every bath a time to contribute to baby's development with a lot of touching, complemented by trusted baby products that are best for your baby's skin. Bathe baby with a mild and gentle wash that's suitable for newborn skin, and use baby powder to ensure he is fresh and comfortable all day.

    JOHNSON'S® Baby Top-to-Toe Wash is designed for newborns with its No More Tears™ formula to keep baby safe from bath time tears. Your baby's senses can also be stimulated with its hypoallergenic fragrance. It's soap-free to ensure your baby's skin is protected from irritation. And it's paraben-free too!

    Using JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder after bath time helps make sure your baby remains cool, fresh, and comfortable throughout the day.

    Who would've thought that your touch in simple every day moments does so much more to baby? 


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