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  • Shopping for Baby: Determining Clothes and Shoe Sizes

    Find out how to get the perfect shoes for baby, in terms of fit, size and comfort.
    by Jazer Basan .
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    Shopping for clothes

    Sizing is different for each brand manufacturer, too. Some brands base their size tag on the baby’s age, some come in the standard Small, Medium, and Large sizes, while others in numerical figures. Parents should know their baby’s height, weight and size if they intend to shop without bringing the baby along. 

    Experts also advise to get a piece 1 size bigger than your baby’s size to make room for growth. To do away with the guesswork, Eden says, “We have brands that provide us with a size chart our customers can refer to.

    Enfant bases its size tags according to the baby's age and measurement. Below is their comparative size chart:

    Enfant shoe size chart


    Another trend that is seen in today’s shoppers is their renewed interest in cloth. In diapers most specially, quite a number are going back to the lampin and its variations, and manufacturers have responded. Take, for example our Papoose cloth diaper. It has a replaceable inner lining that’s more absorbent than ordinary cloth diaper and can last up to 10 hours per use. It’s adjustable to the baby’s growing size and being reusable makes it far more economical than disposables.”   

    Cash and Carry Department Store. Photo by the author


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