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  • Votes Are In! Smart Parenting Village Picks the Best Diaper, Baby Wash and More!

    We polled our moms on our Facebook group to see the brands they vote as the "best."
    by Ana Gonzales .
Votes Are In! Smart Parenting Village Picks the Best Diaper, Baby Wash and More!
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  • Our Facebook group Smart Parenting (SP) Village turns a year old this December 2018 with a membership of more than 26,000 parents (we have dad members, too!). Many conversations are happening on any given day, we have a hard time keeping up!

    What we love about our members is you can count on them to help a mom figure out the best diaper or do a "canvas" of hospital maternity packages. So to celebrate SP Village's first year, we thought we'd put together a list of mommy-tested (and approved) baby care products by polling our members. These seven categories are often the subject of many questions of first-time members. We hope you also find it useful!

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    Here are the Smart Parenting Village's Mom & Baby Picks for 2018.

    Best diaper

    SP Village mommies recommend you stock up on at least 12 pieces of disposable diapers a day before your baby arrives. Chances are, by the time your baby is home, you wouldn’t have the time to go out and buy nappies when you run out. However, your choice of diaper brand depends on your baby’s skin. It’s a matter of trial and error before you actually find the right one for your baby. Other factors like the weather and his surroundings may also affect how his skin reacts from your brand of choice.

    One mom said what she loves most about Huggies is how it keeps her baby’s bottom dry without being too pricey.

    For the vote of best diaper among the SP Village mommies, it was a close fight between Huggies and Pampers, but Huggies prevailed with over 800 moms voting for the brand. One mom said she didn’t have any problems with rashes when her baby uses Huggies. Many moms also loved Huggies Dry Pants.

    Other SP Village moms commended Pampers for preventing leaks well, and how the brand's diaper doesn’t sag even if it’s full. The mommies also loved Pampers’ Wetness Indicator.

    EQ came in third, with one mom saying she appreciates how it’s affordable but the quality is excellent — she doesn’t have to change her baby’s diaper a lot, and her baby didn’t get any rashes, too. Mamy Poko, Sweet Baby, and Drypers got a special mention. (It’s best to buy a few pieces of your chosen brands and observe baby’s bottom for at least a week or two before switching to another brand.)

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    Best lightweight stroller

    We used to have this notion that the heavier the stroller, the safer it is; we know now that’s not the case. So don’t break your back trying to carry your child, his or her baby bag, and your things. Whether you're the mall or traveling somewhere, a lightweight stroller is worth the investment, according to SP Village moms.

    best lightweight stroller
    Aprica’s "Magical Air Plus High Seat" is the lightest stroller in the market, at only 3.3 kilos.
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    Aprica led the vote of most favored by more than 300 moms in the Village, commending the brand for its functionality and ease-of-use. The seat features a multi-position recline, and the whole stroller can be dragged like a suitcase when it’s folded. It’s great for babies ages seven months and up and it costs around Php18,000.

    Mommies also gave a special mention to Baby 1st, which doesn’t only serve as a stroller, it can turn into a high chair, too. It can cost around Php3,000 to Php4,000 online.

    Some moms also mentioned the brand Apruva. Its foldable and lightweight baby stroller with reversible handle costs around Php6,000 online. It weighs 4.5 kilos, has a multi-position backrest, and a self-standing feature. It’s great for babies ages zero to three.

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    Best electric breast pump

    Most moms who buy electric breast pumps consider the sound it makes before buying it (the sounds can be distracting especially if you're pumping in the office). You also need to make sure it’s portable and easy to use and clean. Make sure you get the right size of pump for your breast to prevent pain and get more milk.

    best electric breast pump
    Medela's "Pump In Style Advanced" is one of the best choices for an electric breast pump.

    The SP Village mommies highly recommend you get Medela. The "Pump In Style Advanced" comes with a cooler bag with ice pack, four breastmilk bottles with lids, a double pumping kit with "PersonalFit" breast shields, and a power adaptor.

    Spectra came in second with moms saying "S2" and "9+" are excellent choices. One mom said they’re gentle on the nipples, have customizable suction settings, and are quiet, too. They cost around Php8,000 online. 
    Horigen got a few special mentions from the moms because of its silicone flange — you don’t need to know your nipple size. It can be converted to a manual pump, too or connected to a power bank. It costs around Php4,000 to Php6,000 online.

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    Best manual breast pump

    Some models of manual breast pumps can double as milk letdown catchers, which are great for when you’re breastfeeding on one breast, and you need to collect milk that is leaking from the other.

    best manual breast pump
    Hakaa is made from 100% medical-grade silicone, and it is easy to clean.

    The brand Haakaa got almost 200 votes on the Facebook poll that we created with moms saying it’s one of the best options because it’s effortless to use. Simply suction to your breast, and it will do the work for you. It can also be sterilized.

    The moms also recommended Medela, Pigeon came in third, and moms also mentioned other brands like Lansinoh, Dula, and Barney Manual Pump.

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    Best baby wash

    When it comes to choosing baby wash for your little one, it’s important to make sure that it’s gentle on their skin, and it won’t strip away moisture. Too "mabula" and too "mabango" are not always ideal because fragrances can be harsh on your baby’s skin. Pediatrician Dr. Jamie Isip-Cumpas said you should be looking for cleansers that are soap- and fragrance-free.

    Most moms in the Village love Cetaphil Baby because it’s gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.

    Many moms commended Cetaphil Baby for its mild scent that lasts all day. It’s available online for Php360.

    Baby Dove came in next with moms raving about its price and how it leaves their babies smelling fresh even after a hot day. One mom also shared how Baby Dove helped with her child’s eczema. Other special mentions include Mustela, Nivea Baby, and Human Nature.

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    Best baby bottle

    Switching from breast to bottle can be challenging especially when you’re trying to find the right teats for your baby. For SP Village moms, Avent was the best choice. Their feeding bottles have soft, breast-shaped nipples, which feel natural in the mouth of your baby. They’re BPA-free, too and comes with an anti-colic system that prevents air from getting into your baby’s tummy.


    Avent was the best choice for feeding bottles because of its soft, breast-shaped nipples, which feel natural in the mouth of your baby.
    Pigeon came in next, particularly its slim neck variety. It’s BPA-free, too and comes in an ergonomic design and a peristaltic teat. It can cost around Php200 to Php750 online.


    Moms also gave a special mention to Dr. Brown’s Baby bottles, which are known for their positive-pressure flow vacuum-free system that may help prevent colic. It’s available online for about Ph300 to Php1,700.

    Best formula milk for preschoolers 

    For SP Village moms, choosing which milk to give is a matter of whether or not their kids are “hiyang” to a specific brand. One mom notes that it can be trial and error as her first few choices didn’t immediately work for her child.

    best formula milk
    NIDO has a few variants, which depends on your child’s age. It’s available online for Php750.

    NIDO got 145 mommy votes with some moms saying they noticed an improvement in their kids’ appetite. Promil came in second, which also comes in several variants with prices ranging from Php700 to Php1,300 online. Enfagrow came in third and is known for its milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) content, which is said to have positive brain-boosting effects. It costs around Php1,500 online.


    One mom recommended HiPP Organic, which is available for Php1,600 online. Similac also received a special mention as well as Lactum.

    Choosing products for your baby can be stressful because even if you get the highly recommended ones, your child may not be "hiyang." Expect trial-and-error purchases. It’s also important to note that a product’s price doesn’t necessarily make it the best — or the worst option. Invest in quality, durability, ease-of-use, and safety.

    And while hearing from other people’s experience can help you narrow down your choices, it's always good to ask your doctor's opinion.

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