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5 Ingenious Products to Give Baby (And You) the Sleep You Need
PHOTO BY hatchbaby.com, babyshusher.com
  • We've all been there — desperately putting our little ones to sleep as we ourselves try to catch some shut-eye, hoping to recover from another night of bihourly feedings and diaper changes. But your baby keeps waking up and refuses to stay in slumberland despite all the rocking and feeding and lullabying, and you can only wonder why.

    According to UK-trained sleep coach Gabrielle Weil, babies may encounter sleep regression starting at 4 months old. "[Your baby] begins to wake up frequently at night and can't (sleep), or fights sleep. What you teach at this stage — both good and bad — are what forms the foundations of your baby’s sleep habits for life," she writes

    Parents need all the help they can get to teach their babies good sleeping habits. If you've tried everything and aren't seeing much success, maybe one of these smart sleepers might help: 

    Baby Shusher, The Sleep Miracle

    Available at babymama.ph for P2,500

    It mimics the sound a parent makes to calm the baby down and put him to sleep.
    PHOTO BY babyshusher.com
    As its name aptly describes, the Baby Shusher works by making rhythmic "shushing" sounds similar to a mom's (or dad's) voice. According to the product's directions, the portable device must be within two feet away from the baby with the speaker facing him. It is to be used on a baby who has been fed, burped, and changed into new diapers, supposedly to eliminate other causes for fussiness.  
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    Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

    Available at munchkin.com for $25 (about Php 1,300)

    This battery-operated device makes use of vibrations to soothe your little one.
    PHOTO BY munchkin.com
    Ever noticed how babies and kids fall asleep almost instantly while inside a moving car? It is likely because of the vibrating motion that calms and lulls them to sleep. This may have been the principle behind the Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad. Simply place the soft-padded gadget underneath your baby's crib or mattress, and let it do its work.

    Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Bouncer

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    Available at milkandhoney.ph for Php 19,999.75

    This bouncer grows with your child from infancy to toddlerhood!
    PHOTO BY milkandhoney.ph
    This ingenious bouncer mimics the movement of a mother as it rocks the baby sideways with just a nudge. The movement is light and comforting that your baby may fall asleep soon afterward. The three-point harness supports your tiny baby, while the sturdy body can carry up to 130 pounds in weight.

    Hatch Baby Rest 

    Available on amazon.com for $59.99 (about Php 3,100)

    This three-in-one device can be easily accessed through a mobile phone app.
    PHOTO BY @hatchbaby.com
    It may look like an ordinary night lamp, but the Hatch Baby Rest does the job of three devices. It's a sleep trainer that changes colors based on set sleeping and waking times, a soother that plays white noise and other sounds to help calm your child, and yes, a night lamp. It allows you to adjust settings remotely using a mobile phone app.

    SNOO Smart Sleeper

    Available on amazon.com for $1,295 (about Php 67,800)


    This responsive bassinet knows exactly what to do when baby cries!
    PHOTO BY happiestbaby.com
    SNOO Smart Sleeper, which has been described as intuitive (that comes with a hefty price tag), was created by American pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, and the "responsive bassinet" responds to your baby's cues. It will rock automatically in response to baby's cries, and play white noise to put him back to sleep.


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