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  • Start Teaching Baby to Talk

    Learn more about your tot's goo-goo-ga-ga.
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    Babies aren’t born with the ability to speak . They coo and cry in an attempt to communicate .

    The first “ba-ba-ba” and “da-da-da” are their first shots at babbling , at around four months old. By around nine months old, they continue to play with varying tones and phonics of every utterance they make. They learn to put these together and form jargon, such as “ga-ga-da-doo.” After that, the one-word stage begins.

    Babies’ jargons are soon replaced by meaningful sounds as they grow older. Names for “important” objects come first: bottle, Mama, Dada, milk. Next are action words: carry, eat. Then adjectives: hot, cold. And finally, social words: goodbye, hello.

    Speech develops faster and better if parents and caregivers make a conscious effort at early communication. When you respond with encouraging, affectionate, and nurturing sounds, your baby will associate speech with comfort and pleasantry and become more interested in “talking.”
    Photography by Tootoots Leyesa
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