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  • Take the 1st Step to your Baby’s Mildest Protection with NIVEA BABY

    Did you know that your baby's sense of touch is the most sensitive of all?
  • Touch is the best expression of your love for your baby. Your touch does not only give a sense of security, it also has a key role in ensuring your baby’s emotional and social development. Experts say that touch receptors, which are located all over the body, are directly connected to the brain, which explains why your baby’s sense of touch is more sensitive than any of his other senses. With this, it is advisable that you keep your baby’s sense of touch – his skin – always protected.

    As touch plays a significant role in your baby’s overall development, make only the mildest choice for his skincare. Give him the best start in life with the mildest protection from NIVEA BABY.

    Let’s celebrate this new and exciting journey together, mommies. Take the 1st Step to your baby’s mildest protection today with NIVEA BABY with over 100 years of baby skincare expertise. Because nobody understands baby’s skin better.

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