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  • The Questions Every Mom Asks Before Her Due Date

    "Have I baby-proofed absolutely everything?"
  • You're a few weeks away from your due date! Now's the time to check the house if you've got every nook and cranny babyproofed and everything prepared for your little one's arrival.

    Here are a couple of questions you might have in mind, starting off with the clothes he'll wear.

    What laundry aids should I use for my baby's clothes and linens?

    Allergies and skin irritations are common in the first few weeks of your baby's life. It's important to inspect laundry detergents and fabric conditioners for a seal of approval. Look for a product that is highly recommended by your mommy peers or one that has been dermatologically approved or tested.

    Should I use fabric softeners and conditioners?

    When it comes to fabric softeners, consider baby-friendly products like Downy Gentle Touch, which is clinically approved to be safe and gentle for your baby's sensitive and delicate skin. Eight out of ten dermatologists agree, Downy Gentle Touch is not only safe for baby's skin, it also gives your baby's clothes and linens a faint, yet distinct clean smell that is as safe and soft as a mother's touch.

    Which bath essentials are safe for my baby?

    Your baby's skin is very different from yours. Make sure you use mild soaps, cotton balls and soft cloths for your baby-cleaning rituals. It is also best to opt for fragrance-free soaps or bath washes made with natural ingredients. Some baby skins are extra sensitive – that's why it is always best to consult with your dermatologist to learn more about the specific products for your particular needs.

    Do I have items in the house that are fragile and easily breakable?

    Vases, glass top tables or entertainment consoles with glass cabinets can easily be shattered by your overactive baby - whether he's throwing a toy or enjoying his newfound joy of kicking and punching in the air. Consider moving these items to another room that is not accessible to your baby.

    Are my drawers, cabinets and doors secured shut?

    Little fingers can easily be pinched in between these pieces of furniture. Babyproofing locks can be found in your favorite baby stores or department stores, but can get quite pricey if you choose to put them in everything in your home. Choose to do this in your child's room or in your bedroom if you're co-sleeping.

    Is there anything in my home that can be a choking hazard?

    It will be a few weeks or months before your baby starts putting things in his mouth, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Be mindful of small things like buttons, coins and small toys. You may also need to secure loose gems from your accessories or detachable eyes and pieces from your child's stuffed toys and play things.

    When was the last time my family members and caretakers had a checkup?

    If you have helpers or a yaya on standby for your baby, splurge on giving them a clean bill of health. Ask your family or anyone who will be at close proximity to you and your baby to get a basic checkup as well. Newborn babies are very susceptible to illnesses during their first few months.

    Best to start babyproofing your home as early as possible. Being ready early will give you plenty of time to go over details and make sure you've got everything covered.



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