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  • This Baby Bath and Body Care Line Gets Two Thumbs Up From Celeb Moms

    Know more about this all natural baby wash, soap, and lotion soap.
    by Rachel Perez .
This Baby Bath and Body Care Line Gets Two Thumbs Up From Celeb Moms
  • Amidst all the craze behind its too-cute celebri-tot star in its ads (in case you didn't who the star is, check her out here), new baby bath and body care line Belo Baby has earned the approval of celebrity moms Patty Laurel Filart, Kelly Misa Fernandez, and Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles.

    Kelly, Nicole, and Patty, who are actually part of a barkada whose moniker is "baby baranggay," tell us why Baby Belo gets a two-thumbs up. 

    "No matter how many times I bathe them, their skin is so smooth, soft, and never dry! I love how Belo Baby naturally moisturizes their skin, I even use it myself!" says Nicole Hernandez de Los Angeles, mom to two active boys Alonzo and Luis. 


    Patty was scared to bathe her son, Theo, for the first time and needed her mom to walk her through it. Now Theo isn't the only fan of Belo Baby's Hair and Body Wash. "Even my husband uses the soap and he likes it!" she shares. 

    Sometimes Kelly needs her husband's help to distract their active tot while moisturizing, and it helps that "it disappears into my son skin and doesn’t leave a sticky, thick layer that you get from other lotions."

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    The three friends say they went for Belo Baby because it is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for all skin types. They also point out the line uses 100-percent all natural ingredients such as cocoa butter that has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve skin irritation; shea butter that has natural, gentle healing properties, best for delicate and sensitive skin; and sweet almond oil that helps seals in moisture.  

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    What are the ingredients that are harmful to baby? Parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, sodium tallowate, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), tetrasodium EDTA, triclosan are just some of the chemicals that can damage baby's skin. These ingredients are known to be cancer-causing carcinogens that strip the skin of its natural oils and break down the protective barriers of the skin. As a result, more irritants can penetrate the skin and could lead to rashes and other skin conditions like eczema. Often, these ingredients are just add-ons, some to help the skin absorb the product, extend shelf life, or to make body wash or soap more foamy to give you the false sense that it's able to clean more efficiently. If you see these on your baby body and bath products, consult your pediatrician about it.  

    What other parents are reading

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