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  • Watch This 40-Second Video That Just Might Save Your Baby's Life

    Video teaches adults how to save a choking baby
  • Imagine this: Your baby accidentally swallowed a small object and is now choking. There’s no time to waste, he needs help now. Would you know what to do?

    Among 4,000 parents surveyed by the St. John Ambulance in the U.K.
    , 4 out of 5 parents wouldn’t know how to save a choking baby.

    For this reason, St. John Ambulance, a first-aid training organization, created this 40-second animated video titled “The Chokables” to inform parents on what to do if such an emergency happens.

    The video has over 3 million views and at least 36 babies have been saved simply because an adult spent 40 seconds watching this video.

    “When my baby son Jax started choking it was an especially scary moment … I’d seen the St John Ambulance advert a few days earlier, so I flipped my son over on to my leg and after the third back slap I gave him, he coughed,” shared Becca Hensman, a British mom, with Huffington Post UK. “If I hadn’t seen that advert I’m not quite sure how I’d have reacted but, thankfully, I had so I knew what to do straight away.”

    The video features small choking hazards that babies commonly choke on and teach parents the 3 simple steps to saving a choking baby’s life.

    1. Lay your baby face down on your thigh, and then give up to 5 back blows.
    2. If that doesn’t work turn them over and give them up to 5 chest thrusts until the airway is clear.
    3. And if that still doesn’t work call an ambulance. 

    St. John Ambulance has also released a free digital picture book featuring the same characters to teach parents and kids the same first aid technique. The book is titled “The Pen That Lost His Lid” and can be found at

    The Pen That Lost His Lid ebook



    Though not animated, these other first aid training videos also by St. John Ambulance are equally as important to watch.

     How to do a primary survey on an unresponsive baby


    How to hold an unconscious baby

    How to perform CPR on a baby

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