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  • Why Physiogel Is A Must-Have For Your Little One’s Sensitive Skin

    Nourish and protect your little one's skin!
Why Physiogel Is A Must-Have For Your Little One’s Sensitive Skin
  • We have searched high and low, but no words can describe a mother's love for her baby. Mothers are simply wired to give everything they can, but sadly, this usually comes to a point where they lose time for themselves. Moms, we're here to remind you that parenting and self-care can always exist at the same time—and we know just where to start.

    First things first, choose the right products that care for both you and your baby. Mom and baby-loved skincare brand, Physiogel, is gentle, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin! Its formulation helps bring out the of "power of softness" from strong skin, just like how it allows you to care for your little one better when you have strength.

    You can choose from two ranges: for everyday nourishment, go for the Daily Moisture Therapy Range with top-to-toe care Dermo-Cleanser, Cream, and Lotion. But if you and your baby's skin require extra care to help fight dry skin, Calming Relief Range's A.I. Cream, Lotion, and Lipid Balm are for you. The Calming Relief range contains anti-irritation, anti-inflammation, and anti-itch properties. Physiogel makes use of Biomimic Technology to help repair, restore, and hydrate the skin, so you're confident that it will give you the strength your skin needs.

    The sweet part is that it helps you enjoy more pampering moments together. Just imagine bath times turned into bonding times with Daily Moisture Therapy Dermo-Cleanser! No more crying, only cuddles because it has no harsh ingredients such as silicone and sulfate, which can irritate and clog the skin. Moms can even use it without water, so no matter how busy you get, you can always sneak in a cleanse! Simple stuff, but it can make a big difference in how you enjoy motherhood.

    By caring for yourself, you also give yourself the power to care. Always remember that you are just as important as your baby—because you are the source of nourishment, and when you nourish yourself, you can be strong enough to stay soft for the ones you love.

    That's #StrengthInSoftness in action.

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