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  • Wooden Crib or Playpen? We've Got Real-Mom Advice and Fave Brands

    Moms from our Smart Parenting Village Facebook group discuss the merits of a crib and a playpen
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Wooden Crib or Playpen? We've Got Real-Mom Advice and Fave Brands
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  • On our Smart Parenting Village Facebook group, a mom was looking for advice on playpens and wooden cribs.

    Her post read: Mommies! I'm looking to buy a crib, and I need suggestions. I'm a first-time mom and currently at 24 weeks. I prefer the playpen kasi iniisip ko mas safe siya kay baby. But my husband wants the crib na kahoy. Mas matibay daw at madalin linisin. Ang point ko naman is parang nakakatakot yung crib na kahoy kasi baka maipit sa butas ng crib si baby.

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    Fellow members were quick to reply. They detailed the good and the bad of playpens and wooden cribs and also shared the brands and models they bought for their babies. We've compiled their suggestions below: 


    Graco Pack 'n Play On the Go Playard
    Toytown.ph and Lazada.com

    • Moms feel their babies are safer with a playpen because playpens are typically made of mesh on all sides. Most of the moms agree that the number one drawback of a wooden crib is that it’s hard — a malikot baby might injure himself. One comment: “Natatakot ako sa wooden crib kasi feeling ko lagi siya mauuntog”

    • Playpens are roomier. “Wide ang playpens para kahit malikot si baby, naglalaro na or tumatayo na safe pa rin siya,” says a mom. 

    • Many playpens come with a bassinet. Moms caution, however, that parents should keep in mind that the detachable bassinet should no longer be used when baby weighs over 15 pounds and can already push up on her hands and knees. 


    • A playpen makes it tough to bend down to get the baby. The floors of playpens are rarely adjustable, and they can get quite low. As one mom points out, “Maiipit tummy mo 'pag ihihiga si baby. 'Yan problem namin mag-asawa ngayon!”

    • Playpens can be more difficult to clean. Dirt has a lot more places to hide in a playpen compared to a wooden crib. And because it is low, it makes cleaning more cumbersome. "Hindi mo kaagad makikita anong mga insects pala nasa ilalim na ng foam!" says one mom.
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    Wooden crib

    Mang Ben's Wooden Crib Shop
    155F C. Benitez St., Brgy Kaunlaran, Cubao, Quezon City


    • Quality wooden cribs are sturdy. “Yung first child ko, wooden crib ang gamit niya. Doon siya natuto mag-walk ng nakawahak sa gilid ng crib,” says one mom. On the issue of bumps, she says, “Kapag bagong panganak naman, hindi pa malikot si baby, matutulog lang siya sa wooden crib.”

    • Height-adjustable ones are a good choice for moms who had a CS delivery. “I used the wooden crib for baby na adjustable yung floor and naibababa yung side wall. It helped me nung maliit pa siya kasi, being CS, nahihirapan ako yumuko para buhatin siya if malalim yung crib. Now that she's turning one, I use the crib as her bed, katabi ng bed namin.”

    • A wooden crib does look good on photos! “Maganda talaga tignan yung wood,” says one mom. Whether you decide on white or any pastel hue, it looks elegant and chic. 
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    • Moms worry about bumps and injuries. Says one mom, “'Yun din worry ko sa kahoy, baka magkakauntog-untog si baby 'pag nakakagabay na unless may bumper kaso baka mag cause naman ng SIDS.” 

    • Wooden cribs can be less secure. A wooden crib was not suitable for her malikot baby, says another mom. “I bought both a wooden crib and playen pero na-outgrow na niya yung crib na kahoy. Lagi niya kasi sinisipa o nilulusot yung paa niya. Kailangan bantayan na siya ‘pag nandun.” 
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    Moms' top tip
    Whichever you choose, whether playpen or wooden crib, go for one that can be converted into a co-sleeper.

    Dwelling Benjamin crib
    Baby Company stores

    Dwelling's Benjamin crib from Baby Company, for example, can be converted into a co-sleeper and a toddler bed. It also comes with a diaper changer. “But the mattress of the crib and the mattress of the diaper changer are sold separately,” says a mom. 


    Apruva PP-710 Playpen
    Baby Company stores

    The Apruva PP-710 is also a popular choice among Pinoy moms because of its versatility and reasonable price tag. “Ang nice niya kasi puwede siyang co-sleeper and medyo affordable,” says one mom. It also comes with a mosquito net accessory. 

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