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    Imagine this: one moment your newborn is happily laying in his cot and the next his face is blue from the lack of oxygen and as limp as a rag doll. He’s stopped breathing.  Would you know what to do?

    From the good people that brought us the informative video on how to administer first aid to a choking baby, called The Chokeables, comes another video you should definitely take the time to watch. St. John Ambulance, from the U.K., tells parents how to administer CPR on a baby that has stopped breathing through a song that will hopefully get stuck in your head.

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    St. John Ambulance found that the number one first aid emergency parents fear the most is finding that their baby has stopped breathing. But, when asked if they knew how to respond in that life-or-death situation, only 1 in 4 answered yes.  

    To address this, St. John Ambulance created a video starring nursery rhyme characters singing a song on how to do CPR on a baby. “We want parents, grandparents and anyone who cares for infants to remember the song in case things go wrong,” says St. John Ambulance in the video’s description.  

    Video from St John Ambulance/Youtube

    Here’s what you should do when you find that your baby has stopped breathing, according to the video.

    1. The first thing you should do is call an ambulance. Dial 117 for the Philippine emergency hotline.
    2. Then, lay your baby down on a flat surface and tilt his head up.
    3. Give 5 puffs of air over your baby’s mouth and nose. 
    4. With two fingers, pump your baby’s chest 30 times.
    5. Follow with 2 puffs of air into the mouth and nose, then 30 pumps again on the chest. 
    6. Keep repeating step 5 until the ambulance comes. 

    St. John Ambulance has also created a poster for baby CPR that you can print out or save on your phone. There are posters for what to do if your baby is having a seizure, is choking, is suffering from a burn and others as well. Find them here on their website.

    St. John Ambulance's award-winning “The Chokeables” video on how to save a choking baby has been watched over 6 million times on Youtube. Everyone should know baby CPR as well.  Share this article and the video above to every parent you know. 

    St. John Ambulance 

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