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  • 3 After-School Math Tutorial Programs for Your Big Kid

    Apart from Math Tutorial Centers, parents can also explore after-school math tutorial programs for their big kid.
    by Jazer Basan .
  • Some schools offer an After-School Tutorial Program that's open to students from other schools. This could be an alternative for your big kid.

    Joy in Lifelong Learning Station
    Joy in Lifelong Learning Station


    Comprehension as a Basic Math Skill
    "Some libraries do not allow children in their premises because they make noise and damage books. J.I.L.L.S' library is open to all children. It doesn't anger us when the books are returned with tear or damage because it means it has been read. We then teach them how to love and care for the books." Mrs. Alcoreza states. How is math now related to this? "Listening to story telling and reading develop comprehension. This is a basic and essential skill for math. Math is a common pitfall. Kids already experience difficulty in math so the best thing to do is to start easy. Easier math tasks help kids regain confidence and interest." She replied.

    Fun Activities in the School Grounds


    What's great about a school offering an after-school tutorial program is that the school grounds can be used for children to play, explore and move. It is an effective way to incorporate play with learning math. In one activity, the kids got wet and soapy when they cleaned and scrubbed playground equipment. They were given directions to use a sponge to indicate a color or shape that corresponds to the teacher's question. Sometimes they also do scavenger hunt as part of their tutorial activities.
    J.I.L.L.S’ teacher-student ratio for their after-school tutorial is 1:1. The parents are asked for a list of the child's school lessons and their lesson plan will connect with the school's. The child is assessed and a proposal is presented to the parents prior to start of tutoring.

    Parent-Teacher Relations

    Parent-Teacher relations are also a major factor at J.I.L.L.S. They go beyond communication notebooks. Their Parent-Teacher Development Program educates parents to be partners of the school, with the same goals. Mrs. Alcoreza believes that a child should not be dependent on tutors and that the parents should still play a major role on their child's betterment. "We do not recommend that a child be brought to our center immediately after-school. They should be given time to de-stress and relax at home. Upon entering the center, the teachers establish friendship and converse just to let the child talk and open up."
    For children with special needs, they correspond with the child's developmental pediatrician, school teacher, therapists and parents before they can make an assessment and develop a suitable program. They can even outsource SPED teachers if needed and assess them as a part of their proposal to the parents.
    J.I.L.L.S’ rate is P350 per hour for a minimum of 10 hours tutoring. Rate for children with special needs is P600. A 10% discount is given to members and if the student's program exceeds the 10 hours minimum tutoring time.

    Check out J.I.L.L.S. at http://jillstation.blogspot.com/

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