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  • Stress in a child’s life is normal as it is part and parcel of growing up and going through new phases and experiences. But some stress can be taxing and challenging for children. 


    How can you tell if your child might be stressed? Here are four possible situations: 

    1.    Major changes

    A new addition to the family, a baby brother or sister, or a change in address and even going to school for the first time—these abrupt changes in routine can be disconcerting and troubling to a child.

    2. Household Issues

    Whether it's a little spat with your spouse or an issue with your finances, children may hear or feel that there is something wrong at home. The child may even feel guilty that he/she may be the cause of the problem. They can be very intuitive, even without knowing all the facts.


    3. School Pressure

    Peer pressure can be very challenging and young children are not exempt from it. Wanting to fit in is an important feeling that needs to be addressed, so your child may feel that he needs to act or dress a certain way in order to belong to a clique. Another source of stress may be pressure to get good grades and excel in school. 



    4. Need for attention

    Sometimes, parents may neglect spending time with their children due to busy work schedules. Children may also need more care and attention from their household companion or teacher.


    Stress can weaken your child’s immune system. Combat the ill effects of stress on your child by increasing the supply of Vitamin C. 

    Each glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink now contains 100% Vitamin C to help nourish your child. It also has high levels of Iron and Zinc that will boost immunity and help children adapt to the challenges of every day.

    To help keep your child stress-free means keeping him healthy as well. So, make it a habit by giving him a glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink every day—one simple and stress-free way of providing him with essential nutrients for his good health.

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