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  • 5 Math Tutorial Programs for Your Big Kid

    Mom and contributor, Jazer Basan gives you an in-depth look at 5 top math tutorial centers and what makes each program unique.
    by Jazer Basan .
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    Enopi is a supplementary educational program founded by Dr. Kang Young- Joong, a renowned Korean tutor in the 70s. A good story depicting Enopi's vision is about a teacher who visited a museum a day before touring his students. He was crouching down to look at the paintings. When asked why he was doing this, he answered that he wanted to see the artwork at a student's "eye-level". Enopi still lives with the same philosophy, to see through their students’ eye-level. The name Enopi is composed of E, which stands for "eye" and "nopi,” a Korean word for "level". Today, Enopi has over 2 million members in more than 12 countries with 50 centers in the Philippines.


    Basic Thinking and Critical Thinking
    Enopi Math teaches Basic Thinking and Critical Thinking. In a nutshell, Basic Thinking areas include arithmetic, equations, measurement, etc. Critical Thinking includes patterns and relationships, problem solving and spatial sense. At Enopi, students are first taught how to write numbers before counting, to visually familiarize themselves with numbers. Children can also earn points equivalent to a “currency.” They can exchange their play money's worth with any item in their rewards cabinet. This familiarizes them with real local bills and teaches them about retail math. One unique thing about Enopi is the workbook. Colorful cartoon illustrations excite their students to work on their sheets.



    Weekly Teacher Training and Why They Don’t Just Tutor

    Exercises are not repetitive and there's always a game at the end of the lesson. Enopi invests in weekly teachers’ training. All their centers reserve a day for training, tests and release of certificates to ensure that their teaching standards are always met. "Tutoring alone will not help the student because it only teaches what the child needs for the day, just to pass. Enopi is a supplementary program that aids schooling," says Miss Vanessa Chan, Center Head of Enopi in Cash and Carry Makati. "Parents should take time to play the role of the their child's teacher if they want their child to improve, this is why Enopi has an open door policy that the parent can come in at anytime and ask about their child's improvement." She also emphasized that Enopi doesn't do tutorials. They’ve encountered the problem of having a lot of parents coming to their centers just before the finals. Enopi requires at least a 3-month program for their students.


    The Cost and Duration of the Program
    Enopi accepts students 3 years old (depending on his comprehension and attention span) up to high school level. They have adult students who want to improve their English as well. The maximum student teacher ratio is 5:1. Low "U" shaped tables and chairs keeps both students and teacher at the same-eye level. Attendance is one to two times a week with an average of 45 minutes per session. Their rate is P1,980/month with a registration fee of P390. For a free trial and assessment and more information about Enopi Philippines, check out http://ph.enopi.com

    Source: www.enopi.com, http://www.forbes.com/global/2008/0505/032.html, Ms. Vanessa of Enopi Center, Cash and Carry Makati

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