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  • 5 Ways to Help Your Big Kid Focus on His Homework

    Mom, contributor and educator, Kachela Albert-Mariano shares how you can teach your big kid to start his own independent learning, starting with his homework.
    by Kachela Albert-Mariano .
5 Ways to Help Your Big Kid Focus on His Homework
  • Being able to focus on homework is a must for any big kid. By this age, your child will need to understand the concept and value of independent learning. Getting him to do this should not be an impossible task. Here are a five ways that could help your big kid focus on his homework.

    Condition your child.
    Always allow your big kid some rest and sustenance after school before doing homework. When he has had enough rest and has eaten well, condition him by giving him ample reminders that he can start on his homework in a matter of minutes. This way, your child can anticipate what he thinks he needs to do.

    Assign a study area.
    Designating an area that is specifically meant for studying will instill in your child that you prioritize learning in the home. This deliberate set-up will also discourage him bringing unnecessary things to the study area such as toys, cellphones and the like. A specific study area will help your child just focus on school work.

    Eliminate distractions.
    Never let your child study with the television turned on. Always try to make sure that he is working in a quiet and calm atmosphere. There may be people who would contend that they work best when there is some noise and are still able to concentrate. If you want to train your child, however, to always do his best, especially with homework, then teach him to minimize distractions while he is studying. Our brains work best during peaceful, distraction-free periods. If your child is the musical kind, choose classical music more than anything else.


    Handle your child’s excess energy.
    There may be times when your child may seem to have too much energy that they have trouble concentrating. There can be several ways to address this situation. You can try the following strategies to handle your child’s excess energy:

    • Remove excess energy through physical activity. Be careful, though, not to overexcite your child as this may cause more harm than good to his concentration. A simple walk around the room, stretching, or even a short made-up game during a break can be enough to release some of his energy.
    • Another way to handle excess energy is to transfer it to an object. Give your child a stress ball when you think he cannot control his fidgeting. This way, he has only one thing to concentrate on before moving to the next task of his homework.

    Give encouraging words.
    You may find it necessary at times to prompt your big kid to do the next homework on the list. Always use words that will motivate him to work on the next task. Never fail to praise his efforts. Be specific rather than generic when you are praising him so that he feels that you genuinely noticed his efforts and are not just trying to get him to do the next task. Your encouraging words will motivate him to do homework on his own.

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