• 5 Biggest Lessons That Kids Learn After the Bell Rings
    Learning doesn't end when his class does. Here's why after-school activities are just as essential to your child's development.
  • Nowadays, it's not enough to raise a child that's book-smart. Children of today need to develop a whole range of life skills that aren't necessarily learned in a classroom. Here are five lessons that your child can learn through simple activities he does after school:

    1.  Time Management

    Coming from a full day of classes that have fixed schedules, your child may relish the thought of having a few unscheduled hours before dinner to play. When you challenge him to finish his homework before he can play and have fun, he learns how to manage his time better and also becomes more disciplined with his schoolwork.

    2.  Teamwork

    Aside from keeping him physically fit, playing a sport gives your child the opportunity to experience being both a leader and a follower, teaches him to work well with a team, and helps him learn how to deal with victory and defeat. These are all very important lessons that he can carry well into adulthood.

    3.  Responsibility

    Getting your child to do household chores may be challenging at first, but chores teach him an important lesson in responsibility. By giving him a task that is all his own, he learns that he has a role to play in the household. As he grows older, he may even take the initiative to carry out more chores, and he learns how to become a self-sufficient and independent person.

    4.  Pursuing a passion

    Help your child develop his skills by encouraging him to find his passions by joining clubs outside of school. If he likes DIY and art, take him to art clubs or DIY events where he can learn how to improve his creativity. Help your kid develop his athletic prowess, discipline, and leadership by enrolling him in sports clinics. After-school tae kwon do or swimming classes are great ways to help him learn while growing physically and mentally. 

    5.  Dealing with others

    When your child participates in after-school bonding time with friends, he learns how to get along with people more effectively at early age. Playtime with friends will allow him to get to know his peers and feel a sense of belongingness. Learning how to deal with others will also teach him that he has the power to change the world by understanding other people and being kind always. 

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