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  • 5 Healthy Immunity Boosters To Try Now

    Everyday is an opportunity for viruses and diseases to strike. Since the rainy days are getting more frequent now, we’ll give you tips on how to boost your child’s immunity daily, so read on!
  • While young, build your child’s defenses to infections and diseases. This should be a top priority since our weather is unpredictable and we face different types of people every day.  An immune child is a healthy one. 

    Rainy days prove to be a season of stress for parents and children alike. Sometimes classes get cancelled only after you and your kid have commuted to school. Even when you have your trusty umbrella and/or raincoat, there are floods to walk through. On top of this, it’s already the BER season!


    The best way to shield him/her from common illnesses—such as colds and flu—is to boost his immunity in a big way, every day. How can we do this?


    Here are five healthy ways to help you:


    1. Stay clean

    Instruct your child on putting a premium on cleanliness, not just on him/her but on other things as well. Wash hands thoroughly, use hand sanitizer, and don’t share cups and utensils over recess with their classmates. These should be instilled on your child and must be done on a regular basis.


    2. Use a hanky

    Coughs, colds, and flu do not just inflict on children during the BER season. It may also come from other sources: while in public transport, inside a cinema, or at the playground. Remind your child to always bring a handkerchief or face towel inside his/her pants' pocket. This comes in handy when your child or a playmate coughs or sneezes. Ask your child to cover his/her face when this happens.

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    3. Bring raingear

    The weather in the Philippines is erratic to say the least. Either it’s too hot or too wet; blazing sun in the morning or heavy rains in the afternoonthere’s no reason not to bring protection. For children, let them pack a raincoat and a pair of booths in their school or sports bags too. Be prepared for the ever-changing weather and always keep yourself covered.


    4. Eat healthier

    His/her favorite hotdog or fried chicken could not be enough. There should be fruits and vegetables in the mix, particularly those high in Vitamin C such as three pieces of calamansi (21% RENI*), a slice of mango (97% RENI), and a half cup of green, leafy vegetables (80% RENI). Eat at the right time and no skipping of meals. Your child is energetic; his/her energy depletes at a faster rate because he/she is active all day, so he/she needs all the nutrients from his/her meals.



    5. Drink milk daily

    Choose milk that is fortified with high levels of Iron, Zinc, and 100% Vitamin C in every glass. Yes, milk can also be a great source of Vitamin C, specifically from BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink, which contains 100% Vitamin C! This is great news especially since the rainy season could be brutal to young children and their immune system. Drinking BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink every day will not only help your child healthier, but it will strengthen your child's immunity as well.


    Don't let your kid experience his/her childhood away from his/her favorite activities and his/her loving family. Always teach your child the value of cleanliness, being prepared, and eating healthier, because when a child is healthy and strong, it helps him/her to be immune and shielded from common illnesses. 


    *RENI – Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes

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