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  • Let Us Show Our Kids We Have Our Own Pinoy Wonder Women and Men

    We're not talking about Darna but real heroes of our country.
    by Rachel Perez .
Let Us Show Our Kids We Have Our Own Pinoy Wonder Women and Men
PHOTO BY Adarna House
  • Our children love superhero movies, but they should know they have their own Filipino heroes. We’re not just talking about Darna but real, ordinary people who did extraordinary deeds in the name of our country. Thankfully, in time for Independence Day celebration this year, Adarna House has launched five new books to help the next generation know more about our history, our heroes, and our society. 

    The first three new books are from the Serye ng Bayani series. They aim to help introduce to young readers, ages 9 and older, the valor of Filipino heroes. We all know about Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo, and most recently General Antonio Luna. There are a lot of other Filipinos who had risked their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.
    Ang Lakambini at Ako
    By Becky Bravo; Illustrated by Joza Nada


    At a time when Wonder Woman is celebrated, it’s time we put a spotlight on our Pinay heroes who fought for our freedom. This book tells the bravery of Gregoria de Jesus, founder and vice-president of the women's chapter of the Katipunan, who was tasked to care for and safe-keep the documents and seal of the revolutionary group. 

    Ang Kaibigan Kong si Mabini
    By Becky Bravo; Illustrated by Aaron Asis

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    Ever wonder what out heroes were like before they became one? This book digs deeper into the life of Apolinario Mabini as a quiet, solitary, and bookish student. Although he was paralyzed from the waist down because of polio, it didn’t hinder him from serving his country, and he grows up to become the brains of the Revolution. 

    Ang Maraming Ngalan ni Emilio
    By Weng Cahiles; Illustrated by Aldy Aguirre


    A man with many names, Emilio Jacinto, did so many things for this country that he earned many monikers, each one highlighting his brains and bravery during the revolution as one of the highest officers of the Katipunan. The Filipino general’s likeness if forever etched on the country’s P20 bill. 

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    The other two books aim to help young kids understand the Filipino society that we know today by discussing other cultures and learning from them. These two books are part of the Aklat ng Salin series of selected children’s books from other countries that expand the cultural experience of young readers, ages 10 and older.

    Ito ang Diktadura
    Idea and text by Equipo Plantel; Illustrations by Mikel Casal


    Tthis book is a transaltion of the Spanish children's book "Asi es la Dictadura." First published in 1977 after the death of Spain dictator Francisco Franco, it presents Spain as a country in transition, adapting the first steps to democratic changes. It serves as a reminder that dictatorship can continue in some way or form, and that we would never experience life -- and freedom -- that we enjoy now. 

    Mga Uring Panlipunan
    For ages 10 and upIdea and text by Equipo Plantel; illustrations by Joan Negrescolor


    When it was first published in the ‘60s, many thought the gap between the rich and the poor would close, but it didn’t happen, and the divide continues today. This book opens up a child’s view about the economic inequalities that mark people's lives, sparking thoughts about how they feel about it and maybe suggesting possible solutions. After reading this book, kids may look at stories about princes and princesses in a different way. 

    Visit Adarna House's website for more details.

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