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5 Tips To Make Distance Learning Work For Both You And Your Child

Try preparing extra-curricular activities for your kids.

As distance learning becomes part of the new normal, parents are expected to pay extra attention to their children’s learning needs. To help you and your kids cope with this new setup, here are tips to help you boost not just their academic growth, but their social and emotional growth as well.

1. Prepare daily lessons.

Learning is more enjoyable when children are prepared for their lessons. For example, at Kumon, students are developed to become independent learners with a solid foundation of basic skills. This is made possible through the comprehensive worksheets, which can now be viewed through the My Kumon App.

2. Set up a space for learning.

Create a personalized corner in your home that’s dedicated to learning. This means setting up a spacious desk, and preparing notebooks, Kumon worksheets, and a complete and easily accessible set of school supplies. Building this atmosphere will help your children feel motivated and ready to learn.

3. Stick to a routine.

Establishing a routine for your kids will help create a good learning environment at home. In school, children are used to following a fixed schedule. Recreating this in your own home will make it easier for your kids to get used to distance learning.

4. Plan extra-curricular activities.

There will be days when children will feel burned out, and one of the many ways to address this is by helping them connect with the things that they enjoy doing. Be it dancing, reading their favorite book, painting, or solving puzzles, diverting your children’s energies to non-academic activities can help with their holistic growth.

5. Commend your children’s work.

Showing your approval is an often overlooked part of distance learning. Make sure to give your children detailed and timely praises whenever they do a good job. You can give them a high five for getting a perfect score on their quiz, or a warm hug when they finish their Kumon worksheets faster than their previous record.

Always remember that a little validation and encouragement will mean a lot to your children since they spend the most time with you. And on days when they don’t feel at their best, assuring them that it’s okay will help them work toward being better versions of themselves.

Adjustments have to be made in order to continue your children’s education despite the pandemic. Providing them with the right support and tools will help make learning in this new normal a sustainable experience.

Allow your child to ease into distance learning through Kumon Study at Home. Enrolling them during the Online New Student Promo will help establish their routine and unleash their potential. Contact the Kumon Center nearest you to know more!

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