• 5 Reasons Your Kid Should Have an After-School Activity
    Help your child become well-rounded.
  • Of course you want your child to do well academically, but remember that after-school activities make kids better-rounded and help develop their social and creative skills.

    Whether it's an organized sport, a club, or some exploration time, here are five reasons why you should encourage having post-school plans:

    1.  It reinforces lessons learned in school

    Experimenting in the lab of real life helps kids experience what they learn in the classroom. Lessons learned through direct involvement and interaction stick with us more than those forced upon us by rote memorization. Experience truly is the best teacher.

    2.  It develops their social skills

    Many extracurricular activities involve interacting with a group of friends or playmates. By expanding your kids' circle to include new people aside from their classmates and teachers, you're teaching them how to create new relationships and deal with different personalities.

    3.  It lets them try new things

    By giving them a range of activities to choose from, you're helping them discover lifelong passions and interests. Keep an observant eye out to see what they enjoy and what they are naturally good at. Then, you can help them dive deeper into these interests.

    4.  It stimulates their imagination

    Without making time for breaks, structured schoolwork can become boring and routine. Giving your kids the freedom to plan their own activities helps them think for themselves and gets their creative juices flowing.

    5.  It gives them an opportunity to be productive

    Your kids' brain and body energy is precious, so it's best to channel it where it can be maximized. Given the benefits of after-school activities mentioned above, signing up your kids for a class, club, or team is the way to go. Plus, these activities can help them figure out what they want to be when they grow up and even have a head-start.

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