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  • 5 Research-Backed Benefits of After-School Activities

    Allowing your little one to join extracurricular activities has numerous benefits.

  • Most parents aren't aware of this, but allowing your little one to join extracurricular activities has numerous benefits. In fact, research suggests that it's good for his mind and body. Here are five research-backed benefits of after-school programs on your child:

    It helps them do better at school.
    According to an international study of after-school programs serving elementary students, there's a correlation between improved grades and better work habits as a result of a child's involvement in after-school activities. With proper guidance, the values they develop outside the classroom can be applied to their schoolwork.

    It gives them a sense of belonging.
    Hanging out with kids who enjoy the same things and being a part of a group—like a sports team or a book club—can help a child develop a sense of belonging. Understood.org's Erica Patino, who specializes in health and wellness topics, adds that being a part of a positive group works wonders for a child's personality. 

    It allows them to develop discipline.
    Jake Wayne, who writes for Livestrong.com, reveals that most kids need motivation to do well in school or at home. It's hard for him to study for a test with discipline when he can't see the immediate benefit of the work. After-school activities, because of the immediate rewards of pushing hard, teach the value of discipline.

    It gives them more confidence.
    Developing new skills, such as a singing, dancing, or learning a sport, can help instill confidence in children. And since they're learning in a low-stress environment, they don't feel the kind of pressure they experience in school.

    It teaches them how to work with others.
    Most after-school activities require children to work together toward a common goal. When your child knows what it takes to successfully work with others, it can help him build strong relationships and promote socialization. 

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