• 5 Secrets to Raising Confident and Successful Kids
    Follow these winning tips to help your child get the positive outlook he needs.
  • Perhaps there is nothing more fulfilling than to see your child chase after his dreams and maximize his potential. You are constantly protecting him, cheering for him, and giving him compliments. On the other hand, over-praising your child could be doing him more harm than good. Here are a few ways to make sure you give his confidence a healthy and realistic boost.

    Let them know that failure is okay

    Confidence comes from failing and trying again. It also comes from the openness to make mistakes and the knowledge that taking second chances is okay. If your child is too afraid to make mistakes, he will take fewer risks. Build your child's confidence by assuring him that failure is a normal part of life, and that even the most successful people has failed once in their lives.

    Give realistic compliments

    Highlight the talents of your child without bringing down others. Help him discover what makes him special, but try not to undermine what other kids can do. Explain that everyone is special, and having unique abilities does not make him better than everybody else.

    Offer positive feedback and constructive criticism

    The first self-image your child forms of him comes from what you think of him. Let him know that his opinion matters to you. Show him what's great about him. If he is cheerful, let him know he is fun to be with. If he is active, let him know his energy is contagious. Help him form an optimistic image of himself through positive reinforcement.

    Practice what you preach

    There's no better way to teach your child self-confidence than to be an example yourself. Show your child the importance of a positive outlook in life and how confidence comes from knowing yourself well and loving what you see in the mirror despite any flaws, visible or not.

    And finally, confident and successful kids have moms who never give up

    Don't beat yourself up if you see that your child is taking his time to become more confident. These things take time, and like anything else, it takes a while before it builds in the system. Sometimes it could also be that he is just too tired to be upbeat.

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