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  • 5 Stress-free Back-To-School Hacks

    Here's how you help your kids transition smoothly from summer break to school days.
  • Going back to school after the summer break can be very challenging for your kids especially for you. Some kids may not feel very excited to go to school while some may find it challenging to adjust to a new schedule.

    Here are a couple of ways to make that transition as smooth as possible.

    Establish a routine

    Help your kid adjust back to his school habits by having an earlier bedtime two weeks before the first day of school. This way, you can slowly modify your child's biological clock back to waking up early. When the time comes to go back to school, your child wouldn't have any problem getting up in the early hours.

    Have a hearty breakfast

    Plan a healthy meal that would keep your child's energy up every morning. Never encourage your kids to skip the most important meal of the day. Make sure they get all the nutrients they need to they leave your home feeling refreshed and energized and ready to take on another day at school.

    Organize mornings

    It will always be very busy at home in the morning, as you prepare your kids to go to school – while at the same time, getting yourself ready for work. If you have more than one child, make sure you tell them to keep dawdling to a minimum. While one child takes a bath, another one could be eating breakfast. Maximize the time you have in the morning by organizing who does what and when.

    Create study habits

    Keep a schedule and agree on it with your child. Make it clear that finishing school work is his primary responsibility. Remove distractions when studying. Stow his toys in boxes and remove video games and tablets during the weekdays.

    Be positive about school 

    Apart from healthy morning meals and financial preparations, it is also very important to create an optimistic view about school and its activities. Affirm your child's progress by encouraging him to be more active and to make friends. Make learning a fun experience for your kids by congratulating him for a job well done when he comes home from school.

    Take care of things ahead of time 

    Create stress-free mornings by laying out his uniform and training him to pack his bag and prepare his school uniform the night before. It would also be best to take care of school finances ahead of time. You can make sure you have the funds to pay school fees by investing in reliable institutions like Insular Life.

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    After a couple of days following these healthy habits, you and your kids will definitely be all set for the whole school year!

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