• 5 Tips to Help Your Kids Prepare for Exams
    Here are some ways you can help them ace their tests.
  • The quarterly exams can be one of the most challenging times in your kids' academic year. Gearing up for tests needs not just mental but also physical preparation. Here's how you can help your kids get their brain and body in tiptop shape for exam time:

    1.  Boost his self-confidence with words of encouragement.

    Nothing gladdens the heart of a child more than hearing the words "You can do it!" from his parents. Showing him that you believe in his capabilities and that you are certain he will breeze through his exams works wonders on his self-esteem. Plus, it also helps get rid of those pre-test jitters!

    2.  Make sure she gets enough sleep.

    It's important that your child is well rested the day of her exam. This gives her the feeling of being both physically and mentally refreshed, allowing her to analyze and answer questions with greater alertness.

    3.  Prepare a nutritious and filling breakfast.

    Food isn't just for the body but for the mind as well. Serve a full and power-packed breakfast to start your child's day. Give your child MILO with ACTIV-GO as part of a nutritious breakfast. MILO has the goodness of malt, milk, and cocoa, and is a source of B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, calcium, and phosphorus in every cup. Having his fill of nutritious and energy-boosting food will not just help him face the exams for the day, it will also brighten up his morning!

    4.  Pack healthy snacks.

    It's important that your child munches on snacks that will help her mind stay focused throughout the day. Try to stay away from packing sugary snacks, as these will only cause her energy levels to spike and then crash. You don't want her to get sluggish and sleepy during her tests.

    5.  Keep him hydrated and energized.

    Your kids need energy both for the body and the mind on exam day, and that's why a glass of MILO with ACTIV-GO is the perfect supplement to their breakfast. MILO helps boost their mind power with PROTOMALT, which naturally provides energy, vitamins, and minerals to help release energy from food, promote muscle function, and maintain strong bones. 

    Give your kids the proper sources of nutrition and motivation so they can answer their exams with greater confidence and concentration. Make the delicious chocolate malt drink MILO with ACTIV-GO a part of their daily routine to power their mornings and to keep them performing with winning energy in school.

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