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  • 5 Ways To Keep Your Child Focused And Motivated

    Because #MomsNeverGiveUp
  • Kids are exposed to a lot of distractions these days – and at an early age, they already know how to multitask. With so many things vying for their attention, like school, friends, social media and games, it can be challenging for them to focus on one thing at a time. Too much stimulation can also be overwhelming and exhaustion can eventually lead to decreased motivation. Here are a couple of simple ways to help your child keep his focus and motivation.

    Get to know your child

    Ask him what he truly likes. Perhaps the reason why he's not showing much interest in taekwando or swimming is because he doesn't feel passionate about it. Sometimes lack of motivation and focus comes from lack of interest. Observe your child and see where he's naturally drawn to, that way, the motivation will come from within and all you have to do is offer encouragement and support.

    Provide your child with inspiration

    Once you know what your child truly wants, you will be able to surround him with inspiration. If he likes basketball, take him to summer basketball camps or watch live games with him. If he's passionate about music, take him to concerts or get him the musical instruments he likes. An inspired child will have the motivation to do what he needs to do. Click here for more ways to inspire your child.

    Set realistic goals and help your child understand consequences

    Encourage your child to do his best but make sure you set attainable goals. When it's time for him to do his homework, give him reasonable amount of time to work on it. If exams are coming up, explain the consequences if he doesn't go over his notes. Make sure you know your child's capabilities. Is he good at Math? Or does he need some help with it? Try not to overwhelm him with expectations of perfect marks and high grades but don't let him take his schoolwork for granted. Having balanced and grounded goals is key.

    Praise effort instead of results

    Perhaps your child has done his best but his classmate still did better than him. Congratulate him for his efforts and acknowledge the fact that he has done everything he could. During these low moments, a mom who never gives up will remain positive and encouraging.

    Nourish from within

    A healthy body is equal to a healthy mind. Your child's outlook, motivation and focus can be affected by fatigue, hunger and dehydration. Make sure you give him all the nutrients he needs. From a healthy breakfast, full of energy-giving proteins and carbohydrates, to a refreshing afternoon drink like MILO and a nutritious dinner. You can also use MILO as a nutritious reward after a job well done.  Here are a couple more delicious treats you can give your child for doing a great job.







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