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  • 7 Easy Chores Your Kids Will Enjoy Doing

    Here's how to get your kids to help around the house!
  • The simplest and most subtle way for you to teach your child about responsibility is by letting him help you with some simple chores around the house. When you give your child a chance to be in charge of little responsibilities, he will grow up to be more aware of of their actions. They learn about the importance of meeting obligations and keeping promises, growing up to be more trustworthy and dependable persons.

    So how do you encourage your child to help around the house and take some responisibility? It's best to choose chores that can be easily accomplished. Chores that are fun and engaging would definitely encourage your little one to do it more often.

    Here are a couple of fun chores you can enjoy doing with your child:

    1. Sweep the floor

    Here's a cool idea: using a colored masking tape, mark out a rectangular spot where your child will put all the dirt he has swept off the floor. This will turn floor sweeping into a fun game he would definitely want to do again.

    2. Dust the cabinets

    Get a fun feather duster, play your kid's favorite music and have him dancing while dusting some of the cabinets! Join in on the fun by grabbing your own duster and swinging away with your little one. You can dust the tables and chairs too!

    3. Sort the laundry

    Sorting the laundry, clean or dirty, can be a great chance for you and your child to review colors and clothing names. Let your little one match separate the clothes according to color or size, whichever you would like to teach him that day. You can also make it a puzzle by asking him to match mommy and daddy's socks!

    4. Set the table

    Have a placemat that shows the position of spoons, plates, and forks. Use this as a fun matching guide for your little helper. 

    5. Stir in the Kitchen

    Making pancakes? Assign your kid to do the stirring and mixing of some ingredients and reward him later by letting him choose the first pancake from the batch.

    6. Water the Plants

    You can have a cute watering can for your kid and let him have fun under the sun. If he is old enough, assign him a personal potted plant that he can look after. You can also let him dig for some worms that you can put in pots, if he's not scared of them.

    7. Care for Conventional Pets

    Asking your kid to help you fill the water container during mealtimes or putting in kibble are some of the small ways you can teach him to take care of your favorite furry creature.


    Make it a regular habit!

    Reward systems such as chore charts help kids stay motivated and teach them about accountability. KIMY Ice Cream made a Cool Reward Chart with 8 easy chores to accomplish. For each completed chore, try to reward your child with a KIMY Ice Cream.



    You can also WIN cool prizes when you complete a Cool Reward Chart! Buy 8 KIMY and use the specially-marked popsicle sticks to tick off all chores. After completing the chart, take a photo of it with your child and upload it HERE! You might just win a #CoolReward for the family!

    For more information on how the Cool Reward Chart works, check out this video:


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Nestle Kimy.