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  • Back-to-School Shopping Tips to Help You Save Money and Time

    Watch this mom take on our 30-minute shopping challenge.
Back-to-School Shopping Tips to Help You Save Money and Time
  • As vacation season comes to a close and another academic year begins, expect everyone to be in a mad scramble to prepare for school. We're sure you'll agree: It can be overwhelming to shop for school supplies when the malls are packed with last-minute shoppers. The whole thing can be physically and financially exhausting, to say the least.

    So what's a crazy-busy and budget-conscious parent to do? Ask Xaxa Alegre Hizon, a single mom of two. She runs her own advertising agency and runs races as a triathlete. When she accepted our shopping challenge at Robinsons Department Store, she decided to bring some teammates: her kids Gale and Diorgina.

    Watch this trio do back-to-school shopping for two in just 30 minutes. Plus, check out their cool-for-school finds and Xaxa's shopping tips for her fellow moms.

    Take a peek at Xaxa, Gale, and Diorgina's shopping basket:

    • Trek backpacks, P699.75 each
    • Barbie pouch (P299.75), lunch container (P149.75), and water bottle (P249.75)
    • Omega water bottle, P262.31 (discounted price until June 30 only)
    • Lunch container, P48.83 (discounted price until June 30 only)
    • Mongol pencils, P21.75 per pack
    • Sterling pencil case (P89.75) and notebooks (P25.75 each)
    • Crayola crayons, P58.75 for a box of 24
    • B+ Active sando for boys, P219.75 per set
    • Guitar blouse (P214.75) and skirt (P349.75)
    • Darlington socks (P220 per pack)
    • Disney baby bra (P199.75) and panties (P249.75 per set)
    • Star Wars briefs, P269.75 per pack
    • G Company sando for girls, P219.75 per set
    • Bella school shoes for girls, P399.75 per pair
    • Hot Wheels school shoes for boys, P999.75 per pair
    • Grizzly polo (P449.75) and shorts (P579.75) 


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