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  • Does Direct Teaching Hamper Creativity for Preschoolers?

    A study shows the effects of direct teaching on how a child applies thinking to solve problems and learning in general.
  • Read on to learn more about direct teaching and its effects on preschoolers.


    “In order to achieve desired outcomes – from everyday goals such as eating a tasty sandwich, to complex tasks such as making and using tools – children need to solve a challenging causal learning problem: observing that the intentional actions of others lead to outcomes, inferring the causal relations between actions and outcomes, and then using that knowledge to plan their own actions.” said Gopkins et al in their paper entitled “Children's Imitation of Causal Action Sequences is Inuenced by Statistical and Pedagogical Evidence.”

    The challenge therefore would be for educators to strike a balance between direct instruction and providing an enriching learning environment for free thinking.

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