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  • Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Colds

    Keep your child away from the sniffles!
  • You know how it goes: a virus, change in weather, or even getting caught in the rain can cause your child to catch a cold.

    But there are so many myths about the common cold that it's difficult to know fact from fiction. We make it easier for you: 

    Fact or Fiction? You catch a cold when you get chilly.

    Fiction. Mayo Clinic did a study and found that feeling chilly does not cause a cold to develop. In warmer climates like ours, developing a cold is not caused by the cold weather but by getting wet in the rain.


    Fact or Fiction? You need to sweat to get rid of a cold.

    Fiction. There has been no definite link made between breaking into a sweat and dispelling a cold. Accompanying a cold is also feeling a bit chilly. When a child feels cold, go on and wrap heavy blankets around your child to keep him/her warm.


    Fact or Fiction? You can steam a cold out.

    Fiction. A review for the Cochrane Data System yielded no evidence that steam inhalation can reduce or cure a cold. Instead of wasting time and energy, give your child time to rest.


    Fact or Fiction? Chicken soup is good for a cold.

    Fact.  According to a study done at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the ingredients of chicken soup work together to combat sniffles.


    Fact or Fiction? Essential nutrients can prevent a cold.

    Fact. Help boost your child’s immune system by making sure your child gets all the nutrients she needs, such as Vitamin C, Iron, and Zinc. These all work together to help make your child healthier and less susceptible to sickness.


    Fact or Fiction? Milk boosts immunity.

    Fact. You can now increase your child’s immunity by giving him/her a glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink every day. You’ll see the positive effects on your child’s overall health.






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