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  • Homeschooling Your Big Kid (6 to 7 Year Old)

    Many parents may not be familiar with the concept of homeschooling beyond preschool. It IS possible; here are tips to ease your qualms about it.
    by Teachermama Tina Rodriguez .
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    Homeschooling advantages for the Aspacio Family
    One of the things Jennie and her husband like about homeschooling is being able to give their child full, individual attention. “I have always believed that the parent should be the primary caregiver of a child. One of the essential things this pertains to is education,” she says.

    “A teacher of a traditional class, however excellent he/she is, will always be incapable of giving the full attention a child needs to maximize learning. There's nothing like being able to raise your child up the way God has called you to,” she adds.

    Another advantage is the flexible schedule. Jennie says that having a flexible schedule is liberating. “We love going places and homeschooling allows us to do that.  Homeschooling works for us as well as I work from home,” she quips. Also, not having to deal with the hassles and stresses of traffic gives them the freedom to maximize their learning time at home, rather than spend it in the streets while in transit to and from school.

    On socialization
    Of course, Jennie also agrees that homeschooling is not for everyone, as she has repeatedly stressed on her homeschooling blog (ChristianHomeschooler.info). She adds: “If your child has socialization issues to begin with, homeschooling is not for him/her. My son has Karate class three or four times a week and attends Sunday School, so his socialization needs is met through those classes. At 6 years old, he is a confident young man and homeschooling has not made him the least introverted, as popular misconception about this alternative education would have it.”  


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