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  • Even when we were kids, homework was tough — so now that we have our own, we’re doing our best to make sure that we are there to guide them and encourage them to accomplish all their schoolwork. But let’s be real. They won’t always get the answers right all the time.

    Yet somehow, even if some of the answers are wrong, they’re still right — and it’s hilarious! Kids will be kids and they sure are creative!

    After we posted the above on Facebook, parents sent us their kids' homework blunders. From not following instructions, spelling errors, and funny drawings, the 19 kids below definitely get plus points for making an effort (and giving us tears from so much laughter).

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    Kids have rights, too!

    When this 6-year-old was asked to list down human rights, he wrote, "Karapatan kong maging pogi." He sure is correct!
    They do understand and follow the instructions.


    When asked why he didn't color the soap when it's used for washing the body, this 5-year-old answered, "It's already colored! The color is white!"

    This Grade 1 student is really, really thankful to God for all the food that her parents have given her!
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    They know when they've achieved a perfect score.

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    This Kinder student was so confident he got everything right that he couldn't help but say, "Boom! Panes!"
    Somehow they get the answers right even if the instructions are confusing.

    We can't help but think there's a typo in the instructions but nevertheless, this 5-year-old kid's short but sweet answer is correct!
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    Kids do have a wild imagination.

    When asked to explain the sign, this 9-year-old wrote, "Do not cross. End of the world. It's a black hole."

    Kids learn by association.

    When asked to write a common noun that would describe Sister Marie, this kid said, 'biscuit.' He must have been hungry!
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    Well, you didn't specify what kind of hero you were looking for.

    With kids, spelling and grammatical errors are too funny!

    This kid was so close to getting it right!
    This is the key to stop dynamite fishing — wear a swimsuit instead!
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    At least the intention was pure!

    The instructions? Write down two consonants to form a word. He was almost right!
    This kid's Hail Mary prayer interpretation goes, "And blessed is the food of your wom Jesus."
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    It's also understandable when they mix up English and Filipino.

    Who said kids can't learn two languages? If only this 6-year-old answered in Filipino!

    That's right, honey!
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    Sometimes, they're just plain pilosopo.

    In the grand scheme of things, this 7-year-old got it right.

    We're sure it makes perfect sense to him.
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    Mom: "Anak, 'yung cat yung tamang sagot, bakit egg yung chineck mo?" Kid: "Eh, kasi po hindi pa sya napipisa at saka hindi pa sya buhay."

    Kids are very observant. 

    Just look at those detailed abs and fierce gym face! This 8-year-old got it from her mama!

    Have more homework oops moments with your kids? Send it to smartparenting2013@gmail.com!

    This article was updated on August 29, 2018 at 11:34 a.m.

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