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‘Sepanx Is Real!’ Judy Ann Santos Brings Bunso Luna To First Day Of Grade 1 F2F Classes
  • Award-winning actress, host, and mom of three kids Judy Ann Santos shared on her Instagram stories what a new typical day might look like for her now that their bunso Luna has started first grade. 

    Luna started face-to-face classes this week and Judy Ann started with her first Instagram cheering moms on–“kaya natin ‘to!” After two years of online schooling or distance learning, Judy Ann says what all moms must be feeling at this time: a mix of nervous, excited, and a lot of sepanx.

    She says she’s back to starting her day early to prepare the kids’ breakfast, after which she and Lucho walk around their village before she does yoga.

    Judy Ann then prepares Luna’s lunch, Mac and Cheese with Squash and Malunggay Powder. She shares in another Instagram story, “Multi-tasking… preparing Luna’s lunch while having breakfast. To be a mom, a wife and to just be yourself… is the best role ever.”


    She also said she’s returning to her bento-box making skills now that she needs to pack Luna’s baon. Perhaps like most families, the Agonicillo kids must have eaten their lunch and snacks together with the rest of the family. Eating baon in school must be a new experience for kids who are going to F2F classes for the first time ever. For older children, perhaps like Lucho, it’s an old experience they’ll remember now that school doors are open.

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    Judy Ann shares a picture of Luna’s morning baon which includes mushroom crisps, mermaid cheese sandwich, organic parmesan shortbread, and blueberry chia jelly. On the cover of the lunch box is a note from dad Ryan that reads:

    “My Dearest Bunny, 

    Happy 1st day of school my love! So proud and excited for you! We love you! Love, Mom and Dad”

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    ‘Sepanx is real!’

    “Half day nang wala si Bunny dito sa bahay,” says Judy Ann in an Instagram story video. Bunny is the family’s nickname for Luna. “What are you feeling, Kuya?” she asks Lucho.

    “I wonder how she is. I’m tempted to go there already and see how she is,” he answers.


    Earlier this year, it was Lucho’s turn to resume F2F classes and Judy Ann also shared a glimpse of their experience saying they were both kabado, which caused them to be 45 minutes early for F2F classes.

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    “Miss namin siya. But she’s going to be great. Konti nalang masusundo ko na siya so… Hay sepanx is real!” Judy Ann finally lets out her emotions.When it was time to pick up Luna, Judy Ann shows a video of her youngest daughter patiently waiting and then her eyes light up once she recognizes mom. 

    “That look!!! Parang ako yung talagang nag-aabang ng dismissal time e. So proud of you bunny love! So brave and very independent!” She ends her sentence with the smiling face with tear emoji, we feel you Judy Ann!


    Surely, all parents can relate to Judy Ann’s sentiments of being the family member counting the minutes till dismissal time, not the child.

    Tips for getting ready for F2F classes

    Now that F2F classes is finally back, here are some tips to help your family transition back to in-person learning.

    1. Review basic school rules and expectations.

    Whether your child experienced F2F classes before the two-years of learning at home or not, it will still be helpful to remind kids to listen to teacher, follow the school’s rules and regulations, and what she needs to do in case of emergency.

    2. Help your child to prepare her or his things the day before school.

    Packing a school bag, wearing uniforms or school clothes, and carrying her or his lunchbox and jug are habits that may have to be reinforced during F2F classes. Helping your child be organized with her things and cleaning up after herself are all part of transitioning back to in-person learning. Later on, it will come naturally to them again.

    3. Plan what you’re going to do while the kids are in school.

    Parents may forget about themselves when they’re busy prepping kids for school. Remember that if the kids are out of the house, that means you may have a couple of hours to yourself. What are you going to do to deal with the sepanx? 

    You can take your cue from Judy Ann who filled her hours with working out and cooking for the family. If that’s not enough, you might also enjoy focused time for your work or side hustles. You can also finally catch up on that book or latest series you’ve been meaning to enjoy! 




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