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  • Raising Happy Kids: What You Need to Do Before They Go to School

    This simple act, which you can do during breakfast, can help them succeed in school.
Raising Happy Kids: What You Need to Do Before They Go to School
  • School mornings can go by so quickly, especially when the whole family is rushing to go to work or to school.

    Sitting down together as a family during breakfast often entails a lot of work and effort, but this seemingly normal activity can have a lasting positive impact on your child's development and well-being. A study from the Washington State University reveals that kids who sit down for meals with their families actually have better grades in school.

    With breakfast being such an important part of the day, here's what you can do to make the most out of it:

    Rise early.

    Schedule breakfast time a bit earlier than usual, especially when you find yourself rushing in the morning to make sure your child arrives at school on time. Getting you and the kids out of bed half an hour earlier may seem like a struggle, but the extra minutes of quality time together will be worth it.

    Keep it quick and easy.

    Breakfast food doesn't have to be a hotel buffet breakfast spread at home. Save time by preparing dishes that are quick and easy so you can allot more time to bond with your kidslike a simple but yummy breakfast of toasted pan de sal with Dari Creme Classic. Pair it with your usual cup of coffee and hot chocolate for your kids, and you've got a winner.

    Turn off gadgets.

    Request all gadgetsmobile phones, TV, tablets, and other electronic devices—be turned off or kept away from the breakfast table. The important thing is to interact positively with each other—something you all won't be able to do if all of you have your eyes glued to a screen.

    Make conversation.

    Opening the lines of communication with your kids will allow you to get to know them. Talk to your kids warmly and encouragingly about what's happening in the world or your plans for the weekend. And when it's your kids' turn to talk, listen to them openly as they share their ideas, concerns, and feelings.

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