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Scarlet Snow Gets A Christmas Gift She's Waited 2 Years For And Amazes Adults With Her Wisdom On Love
  • A social media darling in the making at age 7, Scarlet Snow Belo has been impressing netizens with her eloquence.

    Scarlet awed netizens yet again when she introduced her new pet dog Xanti via Instagram reels on December 10, 2022.

    She wrote, "I’ve been waiting for this for 2 years! Why that long? It’s because Daddy and Mommy needed to see first that I know how to take care of pets. Owning a dog is a big responsibility.

    "Finally! Here’s my new baby Xanti! Its short for Xantiego [dog emoji] I can’t wait to give him his baths, feed him, and love him forever! [heart emoji] And travel too!"


    While the reels showed Xanti's cuteness, it was Scarlet's interaction with her dad Hayden Kho Jr. as they made their way to the pet store that drew the attention of netizens the most.

    She shared, "We’re going to Bubble Dog because we’re going to get a new dog. It’s a Cotton de Tulear," which is pronounced as "Ko-Tone Dih-too-lay-are" and is also kown as the "Royal Dog of Madagascar."

    Asked what she was looking for, Scarlet told her dad, "What I look for in a dog is for it to be calm, excited but not too excited. I’d like one that’s very fluffy, one that doesn’t like attack you. And I’d also like one that sleeps on your bed.

    "I saw other dogs and I really like them but I found out that the best choice for me was this Cotton de Tulear."

    Parenting well done, according to netizens

    Having been a paw-rent for years now, Hayden wanted to make sure that Scarlet knew the responsibilities of owning another pet dog and what it would entail.

    The girl assured: "The way to take care of a dog is give it enough sleep, give it water, pet it all the time, give it baths, give it food, and especially, the most important thing is to love it.

    "Because for dogs, love is a choice. For us, love’s a choice also."

    Hayden then quizzed Scarlet, "So what does that mean, ‘love is a choice?'"

    watch now

    The precocious daughter answered, "No one ever forces you to love someone. It’s always your choice."

    Bowled over by Scarlet's sage reply, netizens reacted with amazement:


    More comments expressing admiration for Scarlet:

    "It's as if I'm listening to someone my age. Sometimes even adults does not understand the concept of love."

    "Soo young yet the wisdom is so mature."

    "pang beauty queen dai!"

    "Those last words make sense"

    "Good ghaaad parang adult ang kausap!"


    "So articulate Scarlet!"

    "My gosh you are too smart for your age"

    Others also credited both Hayden and Dra. Vicki Belo for raising a bright girl.

    "Parenting well done"

    "Kudos to the parents"

    "Kudos sa magandang pagpapalaki"

    Benefits of having pets

    According to Parents.com, pets can provide children with a number of benefits including: comfort, learning, encourages kids to be nurturing, can keep kids healthy, and build family bonds.

    "Like most parents, my wife and I counted on the commonsense idea that having pets around would help teach our daughter responsibility, and maybe empathy. But we've also learned that the presence of animals in our house helps foster her emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development," writes the article's author.

    It is important to seriously consider the day-to-day care of a pet and who will mainly be responsible for him, before adding one to your family. Just like Hayden, ensure your child is ready to take on some of the responsibility but know that a young child cannot be fully responsible for a fur baby.



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