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  • Letting Your Kids Watch Online Videos Doesn't Make You A Bad Mom

    It's 2020, time to stop judging moms who allow their kids some screen time.
Letting Your Kids Watch Online Videos Doesn't Make You A Bad Mom
  • Much has been said about the adverse effects of too much screen exposure on kids. Studies show that prolonged screen time at a young age may lead to screen dependency disorder.

    While gadgets should not be used as babysitters, a previous article in SmartParenting.com.ph notes, however, that they can be a tool for kids to develop specific skills, including communication, research, and learning.

    Allowing your kids to use gadgets and your reliable home Wi-Fi doesn’t make you a bad parent. You have to understand and accept the fact that you are raising “21st-century learners — what we call ‘digital natives.’”

    So, at what age should you allow your child to use gadgets? How young is too young? How much is too much screen time? And how can you use your reliable home Internet connection in a positive way? The following tips will help you make informed choices when it comes to creating a balance between the real and digital world in your household.

    Monitor time spent with gadgets

    Follow guidelines on how much screen time kids should be allowed daily. An hour is enough for kids ages 2 to 4, while those below 18 months should only be exposed to screen time intended for video-chatting with family members.

    For older children, customize a “family media plan” that takes into consideration their needs. By being mindful of your family’s media use, you create a positive media experience for your kids.

    Choose the right content

    Ask yourself: What are my child’s interests? What abilities and skills do I want him or her to develop at a particular age? Engage your child in active screen time with media that create meaningful or relatable experiences and encourage values formation. Search for kid-friendly content that increases problem-solving skills and interaction, so your kids remain engaged and active.

    You and your kids can enjoy kid-friendly, quality content from streaming services like iWant, HOOQ, iflix, and Amazon Prime Video with your Globe At Home broadband plan. Select Globe mobile postpaid customers will get to enjoy free home internet for three months, with Php1,005 off monthly service fees, and access for six months to the aforementioned entertainment platforms.

    These video-streaming services have dedicated channels, programs, and other forms of media that are fun, age-appropriate, values-forming, and educational.

    Watch with your kids

    Watching with your children can also be your little break from a long day of playing and running around the house. Allot time to choose shows together, and keep them engaged by starting a discussion or asking questions about what they are watching.

    Some shows you can watch with them are Peppa Pig and MathDali in iWant, PinkFong's sing-a-long music videos (yes, the creator of popular "Baby Shark" song) in HOOQ, animated children's fairytales from iflix, and a treasure trove of TV series and movies for kids in Amazon Prime Video including the beloved classic Sesame Street.

    Relating the things they see on the screen to their daily experiences and activities is also one way to bridge the gap between the digital and the real world.

    Practice proper screen time behavior as an adult

    Kids model their behavior after their parents. As the adults in the family, you and your hubby should practice responsible gadget or screen use, too. One way to do it is by reducing “technoference,” or daily interruptions to personal interactions with your family due to digital and mobile devices. Limit your own media use and lessen the presence of background media at home, such as turning off the TV when no one is watching.

    While screen time and technology use definitely play a significant role in child development, it’s just as essential to allow kids to play, explore their environment, and interact with you, their caregivers, teachers, and friends.

    Teaching your kids how to use technology responsibly rests ultimately in your hands.

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