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The Praning Mom's Guide For Her Malikot Child

Heres how to stop being a 'helicopter mom'.

It's natural for moms to worry. But sometimes, it gets out of hand - this is when you become what they call a 'Helicopter Mom'. It often stems from extreme worry over your child's general well-being. If you could, you would keep your kids indoors, where everything is still babyproofed, with the air conditioning on full blast, where the toys are clean, all rooms are nice and disinfected and no drop of sweat will ever come out of your child.

On the one hand, no one can hold it against you to want only what's best for your child, but on the other, he could be missing out on a couple of things if you deprive him of movement and play. Moms often see likot as something that should be avoided. You may feel your child shouldn't be moving around too much because it would be bad for him in so many ways - he may sweat and smell bad or he may get bruised and dirty. But likot is not at all that bad. Playing and being malikot can do your kids good and it's not always true that curiousity kills the cat. Likot actually helps your child learn and it's a sign of development.

Now here's how you can let your child enjoy the right kind of kulit without leaving him unprotected.

Prep him well. If your child wishes to go to the playground, choose the time carefully. Early morning until around 9, as well as 4 in the afternoon until 6 in the evening are the best times to go, since the sun won't be too harsh. Before you head out, bathe him using Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo which has a technology that repels dirt and prevents it from sticking to your kid's hair. You can also use Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Bath which will help keep your child clean and smelling fresh.

You can also encourage him to wear light cotton clothes and put powder like Johnson's Active Fresh Powder around his neck, back and tummy so that he won't end up getting amoy araw. Johnson's Active Fresh Powder has sweat-activated capsules that burst upon contact with sweat, which will keep him smelling fresh for up to 12 hours. You also need to keep her hair away from his face and make sure he wears comfortable shoes or sneakers.

Bring the necessities. It's easy to go overboard with what to bring—you would bring a whole suitcase of things if you could! But more often than not, a bottle of water, face towel and a fresh cotton shirt are usually all that's needed for a play date. If your child has asthma or allergies, it's best to bring their puff or their medicine, just in case.

Give him boundaries. Most playgrounds aren't usually built to suit all ages—some play sets need adult supervision or guidance for small kids. When you reach the playground, tour your child around it, showing him which ones he can use. Teach him how to use some areas or how some of the play sets work. Make sure you keep him away from ones that have sharp corners, heavy pieces and choking hazards.

Keep your eye on him, but from a safe distance. This is usually the hardest part for a helicopter mom—to literally sit back, try and relax, while watching your child run around, surrounded by several potential threats. If it's getting too difficult to let go, think about it this way: Your child will benefit from you being at a safe distance away, because it will teach him to think independently and creatively. And besides, he'll still be under your watchful eye, and that alone will make him feel safe and protected.

There is truly nothing wrong with following your instinct to protect your child and give him the best - all that matters is how you do it. Try not to let your instincts get in the way of your child's growth. Give him the space he needs to find where he belongs and allow him the freedom to wander so he can learn on his own. You'll be surprised about how much your child could grow in just a few days of spending time being MALIKOT.  


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Johnson and Johnson Active Fresh.