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  • This Made Our Day: Shut Up and Dance With Me? More Like Shut Up and Go to Sleep

    An all too real parody made by a dad who's had enough of his kids' bedtime madness

  • Video from Reed Verdesoto

    Getting kids to settle down and sleep is a waking nightmare. The struggle is real and parents everywhere know it. This dad gets it. He's made a song about it by parodying Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance With Me" into "Shut Up and Go to Sleep".  It's absolutely spot on.

    "Oh, don't you dare get up
    No, you don't have to pee
    She said 'I wanna drink'
    I said 'Shut up and go to sleep!'

    These kids will be the death of me
    I said, ooh, shut up and go to sleep!"

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