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  • Your Child Might Have Seen This Now Banned Princess Peach TikTok Filter That's NSFW, Here's What To Do

    First things first, stay cool, parents.
    by Ronna Capili Bonifacio .
Your Child Might Have Seen This Now Banned Princess Peach TikTok Filter That's NSFW, Here's What To Do
  • You will not be able to find it on TikTok anymore, but many users still have TikToks showing their reaction to a this-or-that filter that presumably shows NSFW (not safe for work) pictures of Princess Peach, a Mario character, regardless of what the user chooses. Adult Filipino TikTok users have kept their TikToks up on their accounts and covered the NSFW images with emojis, leaving the public to deduce just how shocking these images actually are especially when one takes into consideration that minors have full access to such filters. 

    User @realjaysonken captioned his post, "Why does tiktok allow this kind of filter? There are lot of youngster [sic] would see this and copy this trend".

    "Dto ko naiinis sa tiktok mga ganitong bagay [sic] nkkalagpas ska yung ibang malalaswa pero yung mga di naman malalasawa ang nbaban tapos puro bata halos nsa tiktok nannuod" writes user Momy.INGKLE.

    TikTok user Momy.INGKLE points out why TikTok needs adult supervision.

    UK-based sports and entertainment site HITC reported on May 22 that a similar NSFW filter on TikTok surfaced, this time using video game character Chun-Li. This only reminds us parents that while the latest filter has been handled by the platform, it is not 100% risk-free.

    When we allow our children to use these social media apps, we still need to supervise their activity. Allowing our children to navigate these apps does not have to mean we no longer stay involved. It is our repsonsibility to find the balance between allowing use of social media and technology and what is age-appropriate. 

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    Think of it like a minor learning to drive: We understand that there is a risk, which is why when we allow them to learn, we make sure that they are safe by wearing seatbelts, learning from a trusted driving school, and constantly reminding them how to be safe on the road. 

    By opening social media up to them, we must understand that it is allowing the risk of adult content. However, parents are not powerless. It is still the job of a parent to process, protect when needed, and draw boundaries for our kids who are minors. Do not abdicate your responsibility to regulate your child's media intake. Stay in the know of the latest trends, apps, and your child's interests in order to guide them.

    Here are tips based on a previous Smart Parenting article, in case your child has seen NSFW content.

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    What to do if your child has accidentally seen sexual content

    1. Stay cool before you educate.

    If you're uncomfortable, that's okay too. But don't let it keep you from communicating with your child. Try to stay as calm as possible before you ask your child what he saw or before talking to your child about positive body image. 

    2. Don't shame the child.

    Remember that predators do exist and that means there are people actively trying to target children just as actively as your efforts at protecting them.

    Our children may know their way around apps well, but they still need our help determining what is okay and not okay. And those who create such content know that our children do not have the skills or wisdom to process such. Our kids may not like talking about it or processing it, but it remains to be our duty towards them to navigate it.

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